Anarchy Online


AODamageGrapher 0.1

Hi, Numbfreeze here. You may or may not remember me as the guy who wrote AOChatSounds and/or as the guy who added the slider settings tab to clicksaver. Well I've written another AO utility, so let me tell you about it.

AODamageGrapher graphically displays the average damage per second over time of all characters whose messages appear in the chat window whose log its monitoring. Using it is pretty simple. You configure it though the AODG.ini file. The format of the file is as follows:

  • x coord of window
  • y coord of window
  • width of window
  • height of window
  • path to the log file you're moinitoring

All you have to do is fill in the full path to the log file you want to monitor. If you don't know how to log chat or find out the path to the log you want to monitor, look it up on the forums. What am I, your mom or something?

The window is resizeable by dragging its corners. Now, since this is a really early version, I haven't properly handled the window resizing. So what I reccomend that you do is to position the window how you want it, close it by right clicking on its taskbar button and selecting "close" (this will write the window position to the INI file) and then start it back up.