Anarchy Online

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Allgemeine Informationen[]

Npc andrea machioni


  • Andrea Machioni
  • Solitus Soldier


  • Clan
  • Organisation Unbekannt


  • In der War Academy im Norden von Athen Shire
  • Koordinaten: 1694 x 1957
  • Gebiet: War Academy

Gespräch mit Eric Mendelson[]

Cirte: Hi
Andrea Machioni: Hello private. Here to sign up?
Cirte: Tell me about yourself.
Andrea Machioni: I'm just a weary soldier.

Nothing special about that.

Cirte: Who are you?
Andrea Machioni: My name is Andrea Machioni.
Cirte: Have you always been a soldier?
Andrea Machioni: As long as I can remember.

My father was a soldier, and my grandfather was a soldier after he broke out from the mines.
I grew up on the battlefield, and my childhood was nothing but a long line of death and destruction.

Cirte: Your grandfather was a miner?
Andrea Machioni: Yeah, the old man was a worker.

Worked for Omni-Tek most of his life.
Came on one of the colony-ships to get the promised 'fresh start'.
They weren't treated well back then - I guess nothing change - and he joined the rebels of the north.

Cirte: What are you doing here?
Andrea Machioni: I run the academy.
Cirte: How long have you run the academy?
Andrea Machioni: About six years ago I was offered the position by the Council.

At least it got me off the battlefield.

Cirte: Is the Council still involved with the academy?
Andrea Machioni: Obviously not.

I haven't heard anything, so I continue to run it.
I don't know what will happen to my funding though, but I've always managed anyway.

Cirte: Tell me about the academy.
Andrea Machioni: We train soldiers.

Make them ready for the hardships they're bound to face out there.
It's not easy.
We struggle with funds.

Cirte: Where do you get your funding?
Andrea Machioni: I used to receive a little money from the Council, but that has stopped.

I have to be creative these days.
I've started charging some of the independent clans who send many recruits..
I also get the recruits a few jobs around to make a little cash on the side.

Cirte: What kind of jobs do you do on the side?
Andrea Machioni: Body-guards, that sort of thing.

Help traders make deliveries, and protect them when they transport their stock.
We occasionally do jobs for the Traders' Circle too.

Cirte: What do you teach?
Andrea Machioni: We teach basic weapons skills, advanced survival skills and desert survival.

We also teach personal protection and command.
Basicaly, it's my job to see to it my recruits get the knowledge they need to survive, and take care of their team.

Cirte: Thanks for the info.
Andrea Machioni: Welcome.
Cirte: Goodbye

--Cirte 20:00, 3. Aug 2005 (CEST)