Anarchy Online

Bootleg Beamers 'n Bolters (OP-LXXX)[]


NaCost: 105NCU cost: 17

Duration: 00:00:10

Range: 1m


Attack 7.00s

Recharge 3.00s

Attack skills: Matter Crea 50% Time&Space 50%

Defence skills: Nano Resist 0%

Time&Space from 244

Matter Crea from 313


Credit from 96

Beschreibung: Nano Crystal - Hacks into the Omni-Pol Secured Supply channel and creates a dummy supply order for a distance weapon. This order is instantly Grid-warped into the inventory of the fixer, with the appropriate amount of credits being deducted. To avoid detection, it is necessary to attach the dummy order to an existing order, so you can never be entirely certain of the type of distance weapon that will be delivered. NOTE: You must have an empty slot in your inventory for the transfer to be successful (you will still be charged even if the transfer is unsuccessful). The system performs a regular inventory check, and any items found to have been delivered to the incorrect location are Grid-warped back into storage. (Quelle AO)

Deutsch: Erstellt eine zufällige Distanzwaffe. Benötigt einen freien Platz im Inventar.

Fundort: etwa in Borealis als Singelplayer-Missionreward