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Unique dr hestyia

Dr. Hestyia ist sehr simpel zu finden: Claner gehen Highlands aus dem Garten und dann Nord / Nord-West. Sie steht neben einer Ruine südsüdwestlich vom Inca.

Das Gespräch:
Dr.Hestyia - Archaeologist: Watch your step there! Wouldn't want you to ruin weeks of work with one misplaced foot!

The woman in front of you wipes her hand on her trousers before she offers it to you.

Dr.Hestyia - Archaeologist: Welcome to the Highlands. I'm Dr. Hestyia, pleased to meet you!
Cyberacid: I'm Cyberacid. And you are Dr. Hestyia, the archaeologist?
Dr.Hestyia - Archaeologist: That's me! How can I help you?
Cyberacid: Frank Jobin said you might be interested in this ancient device?
Dr.Hestyia - Archaeologist: Oh, he thought so? Let me have a look at it!
Dr.Hestyia - Archaeologist: I guess he means well, but this device is of no interest to me. We have found several Novictum refiners in this area, and none of them are any different from the ones we've seen before in other areas. It is a device used by the Xan to reduce the volatility of Novictum. You may keep this if you like.

So, are you interested in getting your hands on some cash?

Cyberacid: That would have been nice!
Dr.Hestyia - Archaeologist: Now, we are currently excavating a cave that we found just recently. The walls there have paintings showing what seems to be some sort of historical record of some tribe. If these are recordings of how the Xan once was, it is the largest Xan discovery done so far. The paintings will then support our theory that the Xan first lived in smaller communities, and only later on as their numbers grew did they build more city-like areas. This cave is a great discovery, and I'm very excited to see what we will learn from it. There are kilometers of paintings from what we can see, and I'm sure once we identify exactly what we're dealing with, we will be able to learn much from this!

But, as this will take up a lot of my time now, I need some help to get some other items from another of our digs. It shouldn't be too hard work. Get me three samples of the old Xan Notum Crystals. And if you do, I'll give you 200 000 credits.

Cyberacid: Goodbye!

  • Beschreibung:
Digging for treasure

The Archaeologist, Dr. Hestyia told you that she needed some items brought to her. The artifacts you should be looking for are the ancient Xan Notum Crystals. There are supposedly different versions of them, hidden in jars found not far away from the excavation site where she's currently working. She gave you a tool, the Space-Time Extraction Device to help you extract and transport the crystals safely.

Bring 3 different Xan Notum Crystals and the Space-Time Extraction Device to Dr. Hestyia.

Die Jars sind Tonkrüge, die entweder schon in ihrer Nähe herumstehen oder in Kürze auftauchen (einfach die Gegend absuchen, drei sind beispielsweise direkt am Fuss des Incarnators). Ihr benutzt dann das Space-Time Extraction Device darauf und ihr erhaltet Cracked Xan Notum Crystal / Deformed Xan Notum Crystal und Empty Xan Notum Crystal, diese drei Items bringt ihr zurück und das war's auch schon.

Dr.Hestyia - Archaeologist: Hi again, how are you?
Cyberacid: I've got some notum crystals for you!
Dr.Hestyia - Archaeologist: Ah, I'd almost forgotten about those! Please hand over three different crystals and the extraction device I gave you!
Dr.Hestyia - Archaeologist: Here is your money! I'm sorry I almost forgot about our agreement. You see we've discovered that the cave paintings probably were created by the ancient Yuttos, as some of them were still living in caves at the time that these were created. They seem to have been recording their own history this way, and we believe they also interacted with the Xan in this period, which means we are likely to find information about the Xan in there as well.

Isn't this exciting? It could mean that we will be able to find the answers of many of our questions regarding the Xan!

Cyberacid: Yes, this is truly amazing!
Dr.Hestyia - Archaeologist: I know! I know! Oh, I can't wait to see some of the scans! Well, I'm going to go back to the wall now, but if you want to know more about the Xan, I suggest you go and talk to one of the anthropologists out here, like Dr. Curry who's an expert in linguistics. You will find him in the Halls of Scheol.


Für eure Mühe erhaltet ihr:

  • Geld: 200.000 credits
  • XP: Angepasst an das Level eures Chars