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Das Gespräch:
Dr. Jones - Physical Anthropologist: Good afternoon, my friend. They sent you all the way out here to talk to me, did they?

Well, it is a good thing they did, because I can really use some swift feet out here!

Cyberacid: Well, they didn't exactly send me...
Dr. Jones - Physical Anthropologist: As you can see, my feet aren't going to carry me over these hills, trying to balance on those cliff edges.

It makes me feel sick just thinking of them. So it is very good that you came, the timing could not have been any better. Not any better at all. You probably know me already from my various articles. Just last month I had the publication 'The Savage Mind: A Study in Xan Mythemes' in 'Jobe Scientist'. You have perhaps read it?

Cyberacid: Yes, actually I did, and I must say you had some interesting points there!
Dr. Jones - Physical Anthropologist: Oh yes, it got some attention. Yes, it got good attention that one, much more than the one I called 'In balance: Symmetry in Ecology and Xan reproduction'.

That one was mainly picked up by the tabloids, even though it was only based on a simple theory of mine. I guess anything 'reproduction' is automatically picked up by their system and approved for articles these days. And in this case it is actually quite funny that they printed it, because the mating ritual that the Xan had, if my theory is correct, can't be of any possible interest to their readers. I mean; no physical contact involved! No physical contact! But, you're probably much more interested in knowing what my latest project is about?

Cyberacid: Oh yes, please let me know everything!
Dr. Jones - Physical Anthropologist: Hah! Yes, that would have been something. Giving away the knowledge I so carefully gather to a complete stranger. You might be working for Dr. Darnell for all that I know. No, I'm sorry, I can't tell you all about it, but a little I can reveal. A little you may know!
Cyberacid: That's fine!
Dr. Jones - Physical Anthropologist: For some months now I've been here in Scheol looking at the creatures living here, trying to find any resemblance with the Xan, to broaden our understanding of these primitive ancestors. Yes, trying to expand our horizons so to say! Through looking at creatures that might be related to the Xan, we can learn more about their basic behaviors and anatomy. Many questions are yet to be answered, like how they reproduced as we find no reproduction happening with the Xan descendants. This question is yet to be answered and we must find out how they might have done this in the past and whether or not the cataclysm changed their anatomy in such a way that they no longer were able to reproduce. Because it might well be the cataclysm.
Cyberacid: I'm actually just looking for a job..
Dr. Jones - Physical Anthropologist: We've also found some exciting evidence just recently. Evidence that they were at some point a much smaller group, living probably in smaller hives, which means their population has prospered and grown at some point, before it was reduced by the cataclysm or in another way before it. Hard to tell, yes. Could have been something different. Easy to blame it all on the cataclysm. Too many scientists are satisfied as long as they find something that could be a reason, but it is easy to go for the obvious, and not so easy to find the alternatives. Need to be smarter to find the alternatives!
Cyberacid: So... you have a job for me?
Dr. Jones - Physical Anthropologist: A job you say? Well, there's always hard work being done out here in the fields. And never will I say no to a little help now and then. Always work to do! It would be necessary to look for the Beits now actually. They shouldn't be too far away either, just so very inconvenient for me to go up there right now. No, it is not far away. Not for you.
Cyberacid: I'll help you find them!
Dr. Jones - Physical Anthropologist: Good! I'm sure we can come to some agreement regarding payment as well. It is only because it is so inconvenient you know. Just very inconvenient...

Here is what you do: Bring me the bones of the Aggressive Beits. They can be found grazing in the valley northwest of here. While you're up there, can you look for the normal Beits as well as the Limping Beits for me? Beits and Limping Beits. Even you should be able to see the difference. Hah! I will need to know if they are still in the area or if they have moved further west already. I have noticed that they gather around the notum veins every now and then, but it fails me to see how often this happens, and if it is some kind of pattern here. Will need to look for a pattern. Maybe it is related to some instinct in them that urge them to get closer to the notum. Hmm. Yes. Maybe some sort of instinct.

Cyberacid: Goodbye
Dr. Jones - Physical Anthropologist: I will see you soon!

Sucht die 2 Beits[]
  • Beschreibung:
Finding beits

Dr. Jones, the Physical Anthropologist asked you to locate the Limping Beit and the regular Beit for him.

Find Limping Beit
Find Beit
Return to Dr. Jones

Die beiden Beits befinden sich nördlich vom Portal in einem Tal.
Da ihr zu dieser Quest auch gleich die nächste bekommt könnt ihr diese auch gleich lösen.
down to the bones

Dr. Jones - Physical Anthropologist: And so you return, my friend!
Cyberacid: I found the beits where you said they would be.
Dr. Jones - Physical Anthropologist: So the beits were in the area? Good! Did you find the bones? If not, I'll wait till you come back with them.
Cyberacid: Goodbye


Für eure Mühe erhaltet ihr:

  • Geld: 25.000 credits
  • XP: Angepasst an das Level eures Chars (mit 220 sind es 99 SK)