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Return with the bones[]

Das Gespräch:
Dr. Jones - Physical Anthropologist: And so you return, my friend!
Cyberacid: I found the beit bones you wanted.
Dr. Jones - Physical Anthropologist: Well, let me have a look at them then!
Dr. Jones - Physical Anthropologist: We know that the Beits are some of the older creatures here, and we've found old bones that show us how they haven't changed much over time. No, they haven't changed much at all. Not looking at the specimens we've found at least. Because of this they are very interesting for our research. We're looking for a basic unit of kinship to explain the minor differences that we see, and to find this, we need to gather information from the different groups out there. It would be good if you could help me find some other bones as well. These are probably quite old, but we need to get them to the lab to be sure.
Cyberacid: So there's only one set of bones this time?
Dr. Jones - Physical Anthropologist: Yes, I believe there's only one set left in this specific area. Thank you for helping, you see the Beits are very important to us for this part of the research. They might not be very intelligent, but somehow they seem to survive in the harshest of environments, and that is not something we should overlook. Not something to overlook for sure.
Cyberacid: Goodbye
Dr. Jones - Physical Anthropologist: I will see you soon
  • Beschreibung:
Old Bones

The Physical Anthropologist wanted you to find another set of bones, this time inside a cave area. The bones are likely old, and according to the Anthropologist they should be the only set of beit bones in the area. Go to The Plunge - Facility Entrance at 1050.0, 1895.0 and get hold of Old Beit Bones for Dr. Jones.

Find Old Beit Bones
Return with the bones to Dr. Jones

Die Mission die ihr erhaltet ist auf euer Level abgestimmt also sollten die Profs die sich schlecht selber heilen da evtl. Hilfe mitnehmen, das Item welches ihr zurück bringen sollt, liegt auf dem Boden (FixerBuffs und durchflitzen!).


Für eure Mühe erhaltet ihr:

  • Geld: 200.000 credits
  • XP: Angepasst an das Level eures Chars (mit 220 sind es 40.000 SK)