Anarchy Online

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Benötigte Items[]

Gelegentlich droppen Barking Chimeras eine Datadisc. Diese kann man zu Dr Rosenblatt bringen, um ein bisschen Geld zu erhalten.

Allgemeine Informationen[]

Quest dr rosenblatt Location: Nascense, Frontier Valley: 885x1572
Dr Rosenblatt Hi! I'm Dr. Rosenblatt, and as an expert in Physics and Macromolecular Science, the Hiathlins and their ability to levitate has caught my interest. You see, they don't have the typical features that most flying creatures have, such as wings, and we hope that they might hold the key to finding out how to use aircraft here. It's vital that we examine as much of their protoplasm as we can, in order to access this information.

You seem to be strong and healthy; maybe you can help me get hold of a few samples?

You Actually I found this disc...
Dr Rosenblatt A disc? What could that be... Let me have a look!
Dr Rosenblatt Hmm, so the Cascading Spirits might hold the answers... Very well, I will need to look further into this then. Say - you wouldn't be interested in some quick cash now, would you? I will need something that belongs to a Cascading Spirit, shouldn't take you long.
You I'll help you!
Dr Rosenblatt A good thing that you will. Here are your instructions.

Töte einen Cascading Spirit[]
  • Description:
Collect Essence of the haunted.

Dr. Rosenblatt asked you to collect Essence of the haunted, presumably something belonging to the Cascading Spirits.

Kill a Cascading Spirit.

Deliver Essence of the haunted to Dr. Rosenblatt.

Ihr erhaltet folgendes Item:

Zurück zu Dr. Rosenblatt

You I have the essence from the Cascading Spirit for you.
Dr Rosenblatt Really? Well, hand it over!
Dr Rosenblatt Thank you! Now, we'll just have to try and see if what the Yuttos said was right about these essences... If you'll excuse me!

Als Reward erhaltet ihr dann:
1000 Credits