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Quest dr rosenblatt Location: Nascene, Frontier Valley: 885x1572
Dr Rosenblatt Hi! I'm Dr. Rosenblatt, and as an expert in Physics and Macromolecular Science, the Hiathlins and their ability to levitate has caught my interest. You see, they don't have the typical features that most flying creatures have, such as wings, and we hope that they might hold the key to finding out how to use aircraft here. It's vital that we examine as much of their protoplasm as we can, in order to access this information.

You seem to be strong and healthy; maybe you can help me get hold of a few samples?

Dr. Rosenblatt wants you to kill 5 Hiathlins and 1 Hiathlin Prime, and bring back body parts. Will you help him?
You Yes!
Dr Rosenblatt Oki, here's what you do. First you kill 5 Hiathlins, take the body parts you get from them, then you kill a Hiathlin Prime, and do the same. Then return to me with all 6 parts. Easy as that!

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  • Description:
Dr. Rosenblatt is doing research on the Hiathlins and their ability to levitate. For his work he needs some body parts to look at, and asked you to get hold of 6 body parts for him. 5 from the regular Hiathlins and 1 from the Hiathlin Prime.

Kill 5 regular Hiathlins.

Kill a Hiathlin Prime.

Bring the body parts to Dr. Rosenblatt.

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Die 5 Hiathlin spawnen nach ihrem Tod ein <aoicon>259954</aoicon> Thigh of a Hiathlin und der Hiathlin Prime ein <aoicon>259955</aoicon> Thigh of a Hiathlin Prime in deinem Inventar also braucht man da 6 freie Felder.

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808 x 1750 Frontier Outskirts (Hiathlin)

585 x 1824 Frontier Outskirts (Hiathlin Prime) lvl 25+

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Dr Rosenblatt And how may I help you?
You I am back with the Hiathlin body parts that you asked for.
Dr Rosenblatt Really? Well, hand them over!
You Gebt ihm die 5 Thigh of a Hiathlin. Gebt ihm Thigh of a Hiathlin Prime.
Dr Rosenblatt Thank you. It will be interesting to see if we can learn anything from them! It would be good to be able to use vehicles here, eh?

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5x Thigh of a Hiathlin - Received mission reward: XP 1000 Cash 1000

1x Thigh of a Hiathlin Prime - Received mission reward: XP 500 Cash 500

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<aoicon>252157</aoicon> Light Bar

Received mission reward: XP 250 Cash 250

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Diese Quest kann nur einmal gemacht werden und wird danach nicht mehr angeboten.

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