Anarchy Online

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Allgemeine Informationen[]

Ely npc elmo fitz
Ely map elmo fitz
  • Start NPC:
  Guard - Elmo Fitz
  • Koordinaten:


Elysium - W - 1005 x 633 // Port 7
  • Für Level:
  90 - 150
  • Dauer:
  5 - 15 Minuten
  • Questart:
  Bring Item Quest
  • Reward:
  Geld und XP

Elmo Fitz ist einer der Wachen beim Port 7 Portal in Elysium.
Nachdem ihr eure erste Aufgabe bestanden habt, schickt er euch los um dem Yutto One Who Wins Over Mind ein Gerät zu bringen.

Das Gespräch:
Guard - Elmo Fitz: You did it?
Cirte: Yes, I killed the 3 devourers!
Guard - Elmo Fitz: Not bad. The ghosts didn't scare you too much did they? Hah! Oh well.

That would be 50k for you then!
Hmm, I really should consider upping the challenge. So - are you heading north then perhaps?

Cirte: Not sure, why do you ask?
Guard - Elmo Fitz: Well, I have this device here that I want to bring to the Yuttos so that they can take a look at it for me.

It would be very convenient if you could deliver it for me.

Cirte: No problem. Where should I go?
Guard - Elmo Fitz: Go to the place called the Melting Pot. It's just north of here.

Find One Who Wins Over Mind and give him this device.

Cirte: Goodbye

Bringt dem Yutto das unbekannte Gerät[]
  • Description:
Device delivery.

The guard in Port Seven requested that you deliver the unknown device to One Who Wins Over Mind.
He can be found at the place called the Melting Pot, north of Port Seven.

  • Realtime left:  
0 days, 11 hours, 00 minutes.

Ely map one who wins over mind

Der Yutto befindet sich in einem Yutto Camp nördlich von Elmo Fitz bei den Koordinaten (716 x 1550). Wenn ihr bei ihm seid gebt ihm das <aoicon>259759::25px</aoicon> some device, das ihr von Elmo Fitz bekommen habt.

Das Gespräch:
The Yuttos in front of you looks like the years have taken their toll on him.

His eyes seem tired, and there's a restlessness to him. Yet he smiles as you approach him.

One Who Wins Over Mind: Greetings wanderer! You have arrived just in time for the Bluetooth Harvest.
Cirte: Well, Elmo Fitz at Port 7 asked me to bring you this device.
One Who Wins Over Mind: A device you say? For me you say? Well, let me see then, I say!

Thank you! I wonder what this could possibly be, a good thing time is something of which I have plenty.
So, have you come to help me with the Bluetooth harvest?

Cirte: Goodbye
Ely npc one who wins over mind


Für eure Mühe erhaltet ihr:

  • Geld: 20000 credits
  • XP: 20000 points.

--Cirte 18:23, 1. Mär 2006 (CET)