Anarchy Online

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Allgemeine Informationen[]

Kommt noch
Kommt noch
  • Start NPC:
  Ergo Folgequest von: Traces of past crossings
  • Koordinaten:


Inferno -
  • Für Level:
  • Dauer:
  • Questart:
  Kill Quest
  • Reward:
  Geld, XP und der jeweilige Prof Star den es sonst bei The Beast gibt

Ergo ist der Wächter der Shadowlands und ist in jeder Zone immer am Übergang zur nächsten Zone zu finden.

Damit ihr diese Mission bekommen könnt, müsst ihr zuvor die Traces of past crossings Aufgabe erledigt haben.

Der Quest beginnt an der Stelle, an der ihr Ergo die Recovery Unit übergeben habt.

Das Gespräch:
Ergo: Yes, as I was saying, Master, I have implemented the changes, but I am afraid it might already be too late.

The fall seems unavoidable at this point. I receive reports of twisted spirits and nightmare spawns every day now.
The political situation is as delicate as ever, I do not know what will happen to those that remain behind when the arks leave.
We can only hope that whatever is in store for us, this security installation will keep the Source protected.
My calculations show that my system should be able to survive, but what will become of the Xan or the land itself, we can only speculate..

Cirte: What sort of changes did you do?
Ergo: I've upgraded the nodes so that they are prepared for the increased usage that will occur as the ships leave the planet.

We agreed we would need to use more power then, Master.

Cirte: What are these nodes that you talk about?
Ergo: The nodes? They are my connection points to the Source - 9 of them to be precise.

They help me distribute the flow of the energy coming from the Source, to prevent anyone from using too much of it so that no harm may come to them.
Of course, some find ways around the system, but mostly I am able to control the use of the Source.
Here - let me show you!
The picture on the screen changes, and you see a web of blinking lights linked together in an intricate pattern.
Wait! What is this? No connection? Excuse me!

Ergo suddenly seems to be very busy.

Cirte: What's the problem?
Ergo: It's not a problem - it's a disaster! My nodes are gone! No connection! I wonder what happened here.

I can't even find a trace of them disappearing. My logs show that they were here just now, and then next thing they are gone. This cannot happen. It should not happen!

The upgrade couldn't have caused this. But what else could it be? The Security Unit Modification program is genetic and without control of it, we won't know what the intelligence might be up to given enough time.
We must find the error immediately.
I will need the code to activate the failsafe program before it is too late.
Can you help me get this code?

Cirte: I'll help you!
Ergo: The code is stored in the secure areas of the largest of the Notum batteries.

I must be suffering from some interference though, my scans show the area has been altered, the layout is different than what it should be. Or maybe this is showing old data?
Without my nodes I can't get any updated information.
I know that Libra guarded the code, according to what little info I have, he is still there. You must help me retrieve it, Master.

Cirte: Goodbye

Holt den Aktivierungscode für Ergo[]
  • Description:
Get the Activation Code to Ergo

Ergo believes he has found an error in the Security Unit Modification program, and wants you to get the Activation code for the failsafe program he has built in. To get this, you need to kill Libra, who Ergo set to protect the code.

Kill Libra
Bring activation code to Ergo

Pandemonium libra

Ihr habt nun die ehrenvolle Aufgabe für Ergo den Activation Code zu holen.
Dafür müsst ihr Libra in Pandemonium killen.

Habt ihr dies getan, bringt den Code zurück zu Ergo.

Nun bekommt Ihr eine weitere Aufgabe von Ergo, Ihr sollt The Beast anvisieren und anschliessend mit Number Nine reden.
zu finden ist Number Nine wenn Ihr die Beast-Halle verlasst durch denn Vortex, direkt nach dem Zonen seht Ihr die gesuchte
Person. Nachdem Ihr mit Number Nine geredet habt geht Ihr wieder zurück zu Ergo wo euer Reward wartet.'
Reward ist dann der Prof-Star, den man sonst bei Beast looten kann.
Danke Hares für die Info


Für eure Mühe erhaltet ihr:

  • Geld: ? credits
  • XP: Angepasst an das Level eures Chars
  • <aoicon>244700</aoicon> Star of Ardency (Nano-Technician)
  • <aoicon>244693</aoicon> Star of Enterprice (Fixer)
  • <aoicon>244703</aoicon> Star of Enticement (Shade)
  • <aoicon>244691</aoicon> Star of Equanimity (Martial Artist)
  • <aoicon>244702</aoicon> Star of Faith (Keeper)
  • <aoicon>244690</aoicon> Star of Fidelity (Soldier)
  • <aoicon>244698</aoicon> Star of Fortitude (Enforcer)
  • <aoicon>244695</aoicon> Star of Freedom (Adventurer)
  • <aoicon>244692</aoicon> Star of Inguenity (Engineer)
  • <aoicon>244696</aoicon> Star of Interchange (Trader)
  • <aoicon>244697</aoicon> Star of Management (Bureaucrat)
  • <aoicon>244701</aoicon> Star of Moral (Meta-Physicist)
  • <aoicon>244699</aoicon> Star of Recovery (Doctor)
  • <aoicon>244694</aoicon> Star of Stealth (Agent)

--Cirte 19:23, 29. Aug 2006 (CEST)