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Das Gespräch:
Technologist Frank Jobin: So, did you find the Incarnators?
Cyberacid: I found them alright. You were right about the creatures though - they were not so friendly!
Technologist Frank Jobin: Not? That was unfortunate.

Well, at least the crystals worked! You did perhaps notice that the crystals would only work when used at the Incarnators? We believe this might be because the notum there is in a more concentrated form than at other veins or elsewhere. But we have to admit there is yet much to learn about the whole blueprint process. We believe it might be somewhat similar to our DNA, storing genetic information. But we do not currently have any knowledge on how these blueprints are made, or separated from the beings, but it is plausible that these are replications of the actual life form, and as we have seen several blueprints creating the seemingly same creature it might be some form of cloning involved. If you're interested in knowing more about how we believe the Incarnators were used by the Xan, you should go and talk to Dr.Hestyia, an Archaeologist. She might be interested in having a look at this ancient device that I found the other day as well.

  • Beschreibung:
Find Dr. Hestiya

Technologist Jobin told you to contact Dr. Hestiya, an archaeologist working at an excavation site in the Highlands, to learn more about the Xan. He also told you to give her an ancient device that he'd found.

Pos: 803.2, 610.7, 138.7, Area: The Highlands.


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