Anarchy Online

nachdem man die letzte aufgabe erledigt hat,erzählt der yuttos einem über ergo:
The yutto in front of you turns towards you and greets you with a slow nod, his voice gentle and wise. You find yourself wondering how old this particular one is.
Vanward Four: Hello young one. You have arrived at last.
Isarcard: Could you tell me about Ergo?
Vanward Four: Oh yes. The Overseer. I'm sure you have spoken to one of the Ergo terminals already. What would you like to know?
Isarcard: Who made him?
Vanward Four: Ergo was constructed by a group of scientists and programmers who belonged to conservative wings in the Xan community. They feared that the use of the Source would always increase, that the signs of negative change they had seen in the society and the world was connected with the this and that it would grow worse. You see, they had witnessed disturbing and inexplicable things happening to the world, like geography slightly changing over night, the skies changing color and strange creatures flooding the land. Yes, it's true these changes never lingered for long, but it was enough for them to start worrying. They wanted to make sure the harvest of the Source would not be heavier than necessary.
And so it was that they started the design of the program that would later become the sentient Ergo.
Isarcard: Why was he built?
Vanward Four: Ergo was built to be a software that would monitor and operate the flow of the Source to make sure their equipment would not extract more than it needed, and that the listening devices got refined Source distributed evenly. By now, the Xan had come so far in their understanding of it and their desperate, hapless search for answers that they had let build a massive underground system designed to pick up impulses from the raw, omnipresent Source, hoping to understand signals or maybe transcend to another level. The arms of these devices stretched out throughout the entire land, enormous on a level we have difficulty understanding. These were the listening devices, and they required unbelievable amounts of Source energy.
Isarcard: How long has he been operational?
Vanward Four: We don't know for sure. Not even Ergo has the exact timeline, we think. Because of his "simple" beginnings and changes, he does not have the backup data from the start. But I will say this. It is a very long time. Longer than you and I are able to comprehend.
We do not count time like you do, but Ergo is older than all the history your kind knows.
When the system was first built, it was known as Direct Overflow Scrutinizer, but was later named Overflow Scrutinizer. Still later, when the program had been expanded to do surveillance and control on all the refineries and harvesters, the Xan who continued to work on the program called it the Grape Vine.
Isarcard: The Grape Vine?
He nods and pauses to think for a moment.
Vanward Four: The scientists had a vast network built, with several nodes to connect to the control center, the hub that is Ergo. Terminals were built wherever the Xan had populated and it is the terminal interface you can see today, in the shape your kind knows as Ergo.
The central program would control and overlook the harvest and supervise the amount they would extract through a system of source-powered veins, energy tracts and control centers.
Isarcard: Did Ergo have as big influence then as he has now?
Vanward Four: Not at the time, no. There were still no artifiical intelligence in place, not until the Xan began the building of the greatest, most magnificent city in their history, was Ergo programmed with capabilities that could be likened to what he has today. Your kind knows this city as Adonis.
Isarcard: Could you tell me about the building of Adonis?
He sounds a little fatigued now, and it becomes clear to you that whatever hard work you lay down in your quest through Shadowlands, the yuttos do it tenfold.
Vanward Four: This is not the right time for that, child. There is always a story to tell, a memory to make, and many things you learn will be of a nature you are not ready for yet. In time, you and many others of your kind will learn about Adonis and more of the Xan.<--also kommen bald wohl auch ado-quests