Anarchy Online

Jedem fiel bestimmt schon einmal in Missis ein Gift Wrapped Basket auf. Diese Teil kann man beim Supply Master eintauschen gegen den Multi-Purpose Tuner.

Zu finden ist er für Omni in der Otaf Base in Avalon (Koords:820/1665), nennt sich da Supply Master Eel und dürfte level 300 haben :P Clans können mit Smug in der Sentinel Base im Nord-Osten von Wailing Wastes sprechen. Neutrale können es bei beiden versuchen, ich empfehle jedoch Smug da es einfacher ist in die Sentinel Basis einzusteigen wie in die Otaf. (Seit Patch 16.0 redet Eel nicht mehr mit Neutralen, es bleibt also nur noch Smug für den Quest.)

Falls er nun einmal da ist, redet wie folgt mit ihm:

Supply Master Eel: No, I won't take that piece of crap shipment of Omni Elite armor back! They were all messed up!
Supply Master Eel nods his head towards you and whispers: "Transmission from Omni1. I'll be right with you."
Supply Master Eel: You will send me a new shipment within 12 hours or I'll have your job, pal. And I want one of those prototype Omni-Armed Forces tank armor pieces.
Yes, yes. I don't care! Just consider it interest. Are we clear?
Eel deactivates the wrist-attached intercom then turns his attention to you.
Supply Master Eel: Sorry about that.
Omni-Engineering buried their behinds in fat comfy chairs, thinking they can pull a fast one on us.
Not while I'm in charge of supplies around here! That's for sure.
What can I do you for, buddy?
You: Who are you?
Supply Master Eel: I'm the Supply Master around here.
That makes me in charge of all requested weapons and equipment.
Not everyone gets what they request though, usually we are short on supplies.
The constant Clan raids also make it kinda hard meeting the demands.
Didn't we drop some nukes on those Clanners not too long ago?
What was in those bombs? Freaking fertilizer?!!
You: Short on supplies, you say. Can I help you with that?
Supply Master Eel: Possibly. But take it up with those Information Officers. It's their job to draft new recruits, not mine. I have much more important work at hand.
Make sure you talk to me first if you find any Sentinel Armor though.
I might find a use for them, and in exchange I'll give you some leftover Omni-Tek Elite armor. Used and abused, some of them even modified to suit our needs out here.
Pretty decent protection, if you ask me.
You hear a soft female voice emanating from Eel's personal holographic intercom: "Incoming call from Omni-Engineering on line one, Mr. Eel".
Supply Master Eel:
Tell them I'm in transit for 2 weeks on my way to Omni1... and hold all calls.
Are we finished here?
You: You sure there is absolutely nothing I can do for you?
Supply Master Eel: Well, there is one thing that I need. But unless you are heading out to the Clan outpost in Wailing Wastes you won't be able to help me.
You: I might end up there, what is it you need?
Supply Master Eel: See, there's this guy. He happens to be the Supply Master in the Clan base. From what I've heard he has this book.
Nothing important really. Just a little collection of notes listing names of some resourceful individuals interested in left over equipment.
If you catch my drift...
You: A book with fencers, you mean? No problem, I'll hook you up.
Supply Master Eel: Aren't you a clever one..
Just make sure you keep it under wraps. Got it?
Actually, speaking of special requests...
I have one more thing you can bring me.
You: Sure. What do you need?
Supply Master Eel: Well, if you stumble upon any unusual goods, like cigars or expensive spirits..
Throw them my way. I might even give you a little something for the trouble. Oh...and Kaehler Jr likes his gifts wrapped nicely - so save me the trouble of doing that, ok pal?
One of the Generals walks by, making Eel lower his voice.
Supply Master Eel:
Remember to keep our business low-key. We'll both be in a world of pain if someone finds out.
You: Goodbye
Supply Master Eel: Don't forget to bring me those Sentinel armor peices!
As he turns you hear the soft voice from his personal holographic intercom: "A shipment of Omni Elite Armor was just returned to us from Omni-Engineering in Omni Prime. It is waiting for you in Storage Area 52, sir."
Supply Master Eel:
Oh, it's on now!

Achtung! Ihr bekommt (leider) 2 Missis, braucht aber nur die 2. Missi, die andere könnt ihr löschen, wenn ihr den Tuner habt.

Wenn ihr den Basket schon habt, redet wieder mit dem Supply Master und gebt ihm den Basket und erhaltet den Reward dafür.

You: I have a gift wrapped basket containing the unusual goods you needed..
Supply Master Eel: Amazing...
Now remember NOT to tell anyone about this.
Hand it over.

Den Multi-Purpose Tuner benutzt man um Service Tower zu bauen, welche man bis QL 75 auch im Tower Shop kaufen kann.... (benötigt Notum Wars Add-on)