Anarchy Online

Diese Quest besteht aus drei zusammenhängenden Teilquesten, die sich allerdings nahtlos an die vorherigen anschließen.
Auch gibt es wieder eine Folgemission.

Lieutnant Echholt[]

Der Auftrag[]
Lieutenant Echholt has asked you to deliver a pair of gloves to the OT Tailor in Omni Trade for repair.
Realtime left: 0 days, 07 hours, 00 minutes.

Man soll für Lieutenant Echholt <aoicon>258253::25px</aoicon>Tattered Bronto Gloves zur Reparatur nach Omni-Trade bringen.

Das Gespräch mit Lieutnant Echholt[]

Lieutenant Echholt: Aye?
Docrhy: Are you Lieutenant Echholt, Sir?
Lieutenant Echholt: Sure am!
Docrhy: I believe you are in some kind of trouble?
Lieutenant Echholt: Oh?
Docrhy: I was told you needed my assistance urgently.
Lieutenant Echholt: Yes please, if you can help us it would be great! Our radio link has gone dead, and we're missing the parts to fix it.
Docrhy: I have a Radio Transceiver that you might use?
Lieutenant Echholt: A Radio Transceiver! Let me have a look at it!
Lieutenant Echholt: Excellent! We just sent a man back to HQ to get replacement parts for our broken sender, but this will do while waiting!
And a little something for the trouble.
Docrhy: Anything I can do for you?
Lieutenant Echholt: Yes, actually there is.
I have a pair of gloves that I need to have repaired. Could you take them to the OT Tailor in Omni-1 Trade for me?
Docrhy: No problem, I'll do it!
Lieutenant Echholt: Ok, here are the gloves!

Docrhy: I have a bottle here I hope you might enjoy!
Lieutenant Echholt: Great, a true friend indeed!
Lieutenant Echholt: Mmmm. Scottish Whiskey!
Not bad at all! A great gift my friend! A great gift indeed. Let me see if I can get you something in return.

He pauses to think for a moment
Lieutenant Echholt: What about this backpack? It's worn, but still functional. A popular item among our recruits.

Docrhy: Goodbye


Über den südlichen Whompah in Omni-Ent gelangt man ganz einfach nach Omni-Trade, wo man den OT Tailor auf dem Markt antrifft.

Die Belohnung[]

Cash: 672 credits
Exp: 81 points
Item reward:
<aoicon>27312</aoicon>Nano Crystal (Treatment Proficiency)

OT Tailor[]

Der Auftrag[]
Deliver the purchase order to the Bronto Drover Apprentice in Harry's in Lush Fields.
Realtime left: 0 days, 06 hours, 00 minutes.

Der OT Tailor benötigt zur Reparatur Brontoleder. Den entsprechenden <aoicon>258254::25px</aoicon>Purchase Order bekommt man von ihm.

Das Gespräch mit dem OT Tailor[]

OT Tailor: Howdy.
Docrhy: I have a delivery for you!
OT Tailor: Oh?
OT Tailor: Ah, a pair of Bronto hide gloves. And in need of some repair I see.
Under what name should I register them?
Docrhy: They belong to Lieutenant Echholt.
OT Tailor: He is with the division located in Omni Forest Barracks, isn't he? Well, I better start working on them then.
Hmm, seems I would need some more Bronto hides in order to repair them. Maybe you could get me some? Docrhy: Sure thing, where would I get hold of more?
OT Tailor: I use the Bronto Drover Apprentice in Lush Fields for supplies. His prices are decent considering the quality of the hides. I think it must be something in the food they get. Maybe one day I'll learn his secrets and start up a bronto business of my own...
Anyway, this request form will give you the bronto hides I need. Please return with the hides as soon as possible so I can start doing the repairs.
Docrhy: Goodbye
OT Tailor: See you, and remember: Omni-Tek is your family!


Der westliche Ausgang von Omni-Trade führt einen zum Hafen, von wo aus man bequem mit der Fähre zu Harry's gebracht wird. Dort folgt man einfach dem Weg bis zum Minibronto-Gehege, in deren Nähe auch der Bronto Drover Apprentice anzutreffen ist.

Die Belohnung[]

Cash: 560 credits
Exp: 66 points

Bronto Drover Apprentice[]

Der Auftrag[]
Deliver the bronto hides to the OT Tailor.

Realtime left: 0 days, 08 hours, 00 minutes.

Bei Abgabe des <aoicon>258254::25px</aoicon>Purchase Order bekommt man die vom OT Tailor benötigten <aoicon>258255::25px</aoicon>Stack of Bronto Hides und kann sie in Omni-Trade abliefern.

Das Gespräch mit dem Bronto Drover Apprentice[]

Bronto Drover Apprentice: Hey there pal!
Docrhy: I was sent by the OT Tailor to get some bronto hides.
Bronto Drover Apprentice: Then you have definately come to the right person! Do you have a purchase order from the tailor?
Bronto Drover Apprentice: Oki, let me find some good quality hides for the tailor then...
Here you go!
Docrhy: Thank you, I'll bring it to the OT Tailor immediately.
Bronto Drover Apprentice: You do that, and tell him I said hello, would you?
Docrhy: Goodbye


Man kehrt über die Fähre zurück nach Omni-Trade.

Die Belohnung[]

Cash: 768 credits
Exp: 98 points
Zusätzlich gibt es noch:
<aoicon>85749:25</aoicon><aoicon>85749:25:Battered Leather Armor Sleeves</aoicon>

Belohnung (insgesamt)[]

Cash: 2000 credits
Exp: 245 points
Item reward:
<aoicon>27312</aoicon>Nano Crystal (Treatment Proficiency)
<aoicon>85749:25</aoicon><aoicon>85749:25:Battered Leather Armor Sleeves</aoicon>


Natürlich gibt es auch hier wieder eine Anschlussmission, in der man für den OT Tailor einen Botengang übernehmen kann.

--Rhyantusar 22:52, 23. Feb 2006 (CET)