Anarchy Online

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Tötet die 5 Valirash & 5 Gluarash[]
  • Beschreibung:
Hunt the predators

Clear Thought Three told you that he would tell you of the Xan's beginning if you would help him thin out the predators endangering the travellers. They normally roam in the area near the cliff.

Kill 5 Valirash
Kill 5 Gluarash
Return to Clear Thought Three

Diese finden sich direkt im Norden direkt unter der Klippe. Dannach geht es wieder zu Clear Thought Three zurück.


Jeweils eine Insignia Insignia of Ocra & Insignia of Roch
75000 Credits
149 SK (Level 220) / 150000 XP (Level 191)
Neue Mission Find One With Developing Words