Anarchy Online

Herr Kaiser findet man in TIR beim Whompah.

Ansprechen, der Dialog sieht dann so aus:

Iratius Kaiser: Greetings friend! I hope you are here to help us with the Unicorn issue?

Du: The Unicorn issue?

Iratius Kaiser: Yes. Haven't you seen how Omni-Tek has brought more and more of these so-called special forces to Rubi-Ka recently? We will not be fooled by their obvious lies about the alien threat being the reason. We know better. Omni-Tek has been waiting for an opportunity to establish more military bases on this planet and almost too convenient for them, the aliens arrived. They refused to tell us, the citizens of Rubi-Ka, about this threat before they were here, attacking innocent people, destroying our homes. And while we, the free people of Rubi-Ka, continue to fight the oppressors, as we've always done, we now also have to fear for our homes and loved ones. And while our people are fighting the Kyr'Ozch, Omni-Tek is rearming their military presence, even encouraging our men and women to fight with them, bribing them with money, knowing full well there is little to come by for many of us these days. The Omni-Tek special force known as the Unicorns are currently building bases all over Rubi-Ka, and we think that the recently opened base in the outzones is just the tip of the iceberg. We need to stop them from establishing more bases. We need your help!

Du: What can I do?

Iratius Kaiser: We have managed to track down some of their squad leaders. If you accept to do this, all information you need to proceed will be uploaded to you. For your help, we will reward you with technology specially built to repair your city controllers in order to better prepare your city against alien attacks.

Du: Ok, I will help!

Iratius Kaiser: That's the spirit! Now, read the instructions carefully, and return to me when you are done. Please, leave no witnesses.

Wir erhalten dann die folgende Missi, die 15 Level höher ist wie man selbst:

Take care of Rogue Unicorn Squadleader Description: Take care of Rogue Unicorn Squadleader. He has been seen in xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, and is believed to be hiding in the Supply Depot there.

Get rid of him, and be sure to leave no evidence behind.

When the dungeon is empty, you will receive a Clan token. Save this and take it to Iratius Kaiser.

Realtime left: 1 days, 23 hours, 56 minutes.

Wir sollen also den Unicorn Squadleader töten und den Token den wir bekommen bei ihm abgeben. Man sollte also unbedingt darauf achten ihn erste zu töten wenn man alle anderen Mobs tot hat, bzw. 100% chance auf Mission Reward (token).

Zur Belohnung gibs ein:

Attuned Controller Recompiler Unit
Quality level:25
Charges: 1 (Splitable)
A repository for nanobots which will recompile the code for a City Controller Unit which has been partially corrupted. This process will restore twenty-five percent of the total durability of the City Controller Unit. This unit can not be traded as it is attuned to your person.