Anarchy Online

Mob jack-legchopper Notiz:Jeck Legchopper's Clones haben je nach lvl (150-160) ca. 650 000 HPs!

To [Helpbot]: !whereis legchopper
[Helpbot]: Jack and his clones have been spotted 
in Varmint Woods near 2828x2727, 2135x1300, 
2177x1111, 2500x433, 3200x1400, 3750x1000, 4100x350


Profession spezifischer Loot (Legchopper Profession Ring Quest):

  • <aoicon>165469</aoicon> Jack's Head - Trader, Fixer, Adventurer
  • <aoicon>165474</aoicon> Proof of what happened to Joslyn - Agent
  • <aoicon>165472</aoicon> Important looking briefcase - Bureaucrat
  • <aoicon>165470</aoicon> DNA Sample - Doctor
  • <aoicon>165468</aoicon> Jack's Reinforced Gloves - Enforcer
  • <aoicon>165467</aoicon> Severed leg of the Grand Master - Martial Artist
  • <aoicon>165471</aoicon> Glowing Amygdaloid Nucleus - Nano-Technician, Meta-Physicist
  • <aoicon>165466</aoicon> Bloodstained Dog-tag - Soldier
  • <aoicon>165473</aoicon> Remains of a long lost pet - Engineer

Allgemeiner Loot:

  • <aoicon>152544</aoicon> Silken Legchopper Gloves
  • <aoicon>151714</aoicon> Supporting Carbonan Holster
  • <aoicon>150803</aoicon> This Axe Belonged to Jack

--Ramgad 16:27, 6. Nov 2006 (CET)