Anarchy Online

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Allgemeine Informationen[]

Quest joshua falker Location: Nascene, Frontier Bridge: 848x1100
Joshua Falker Hello there!

I'm Joshua Falker, and I hope you have a moment to help me out here! You see, my last assistant didn't return from his assignment, and getting hold of a new one isn't easy on such short notice. I am responsible for the safety of our researchers and visitors to Nascense, and part of my work is keeping an eye on the wildlife here. We do of course want to preserve as much of the natural habitats as we can, but sometimes we need to interfere slightly in order to assure continued safety for our people. Currently we have an issue with the populations of Swift Silvertails and Barking Chimeras. We have seen an increase in their populations lately, and we have not been able to identify the reason. However, we need to make sure we keep the growth at a minimum, and this is where you come in! We need to reduce the population by 10 for each of these species. Will you help us?

You Yes!
Joshua Falker Here are your tasks. Good luck to you! Oh, and if you find anything that might be of interest, I suggest you contact Dr. Rosenblatt, who is located further north.

Töte 10 Barking Chimeras[]
  • Description:
Reduce number of Chimeras.

Scientist Joshua Falker has requested that you help him reduce the number of Barking Chimeras in Nascense by killing 10 of them.

Als Reward erhaltet ihr dann:
<aoicon>218300|218822:90</aoicon> Weak Coil of Nano Energy

Töte 10 Swift Silvertails[]
  • Description:
Reduce number of silvertails.

Scientist Joshua Falker wants you to assist him reducing the number of Swift Silvertails in the area, and has asked you to kill 10 Swift Silvertails for him.

Als Reward erhaltet ihr dann:
<aoicon>218303|218351:90</aoicon> Weak Coil of Health


Die QL der Rewards ist von eurem Level abhängig, jedoch max QL 90.