Anarchy Online

Hier der Dialog um von Robin Raag (zu finden in dem Raum im Smugglers Den, in dem der Teleport nach Borealis steht) die Mission für das Profession Ring Quest zu bekommen. Der Dialog muß im Vicinity geführt werden, Raag muß im Target sein. Wie ihr die Mission löst wird bei Anarchy Arcanum: The Trouble with Jack (en) und bei AORS: Die Profession Ring Questen beschrieben.

Leda: Hello?
Leda: Hello?
Robin Raag seems far too busy fiddling with his instruments to notice you 

Leda: What are you doing?
Robin Raag adjusts some knobs on a strange looking instrument 
Robin Raag: Minding my own business.
Robin Raag: Maybe you should go mind your business? 
Leda: What business?
Robin Raag: Why are you still bothering me?
Robin Raag: My business is science.
Robin Raag flicks a switch and an arc of lightning flashes through a small crystal, with a peculiar
sounding pop - leaving the crystal glowing dimly 
Robin Raag: Would you leave me alone! 

Leda: What is that crystal?
your question seems to have caught Robin Raag's attention - as he for the first time looks away from
his experiment 
Robin Raag seems to realize that he is neglecting his experiment and quickly returns to flicking
switches and adjusting knobs 
Robin Raag: I am studying the effects of strong magnetic fields on notum-crystals. I have managed to
produce some very interesting effects! 

Leda: What effects?
Robin Raag stares at you for a few seconds - analyzing you, as if to see if you are worthy of an
Robin Raag: By applying a very strong alternating magnetic field, I have managed to set up a standing 
wave of incredible power inside the notum-crystal.
Robin Raag: This wave seems to alter the crystal at a sub-atomic level - in a way I have yet to fully
understand, altering the quantum guide wave of the individual particles. Net result is that the  
crystal for a millionth of a second completely de-materializes - disappears out of existence if you  
Robin Raag: Problem is that I cannot find a large enough crystal of pure notum to conduct the 
experiment properly
Robin Raag: I do know of such a crystal however..
Robin Raag: But I cannot get it myself.
Robin Raag: I would need help 

Leda: I can help you!
Robin Raag: Excellent.
You got a new mission.
Robin Raag: The crystal is extremely well guarded - it will not be easy to get. But I will reward you  well.
Robin Raag: To get the crystal, go to Varmint Woods and find Jack Legchopper - he guards the crystal.
Once you found him - kill him. The crystal is inside his head.
Robin Raag: I hope you wont have a problem with that. 

Trading with Robin Raag.
Robin Raag: Excellent!
Robin Raag: What a beautiful crystal! You have done good - take this ring - with its help, maybe you 
will become a scientist as good as me one day 

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