Anarchy Online

Jeder Profession ist es möglich eine Ring Quest zu bekommen. Diese Quest's haben alle eines gemeinsam, um sie zu erfüllen muss man ein Item von Jack 'Legchopper' Menendez & Clone besorgen.

Hier eine Übersicht wo die Quest NPC's zu finden sind und welche Items man benötigt.

Profession NPC Location Quest item Reward: Ring of the ...
Adventurer Kendric Kuzio 1550 x 1000, Deep Artery Valley <aoicon>165469::24px</aoicon> Jack's Head <aoicon>165479::24px</aoicon> Falcon Talon
Agent Susan Furor 1200 x 1950, Galway County <aoicon>165474::24px</aoicon> Proof of what happened to Joslyn <aoicon>165478::24px</aoicon> Black Panther Whiskers
Bureaucrat Nolan Deslandes im Neuters R Us, Newland City <aoicon>165472::24px</aoicon> Important looking briefcase <aoicon>165480::24px</aoicon> Snake Skin
Doctor Quintus Romulus 2115x795, The Longest Road
- vor Foremans Office
<aoicon>165470::24px</aoicon> DNA Sample <aoicon>165482::24px</aoicon> Dolphin Spine
Enforcer Bonzo 2850 x 1900, Mort
- Hope, in der Beer and Booze Bar
<aoicon>165468::24px</aoicon> Jack's Reinforced Gloves <aoicon>165481::24px</aoicon> Bear Claw
Engineer Janella Gheron 3200 x 2300 Greater Tir County
- Cyborg Barracks
<aoicon>165473::24px</aoicon> Remains of a long lost pet <aoicon>165477::24px</aoicon> Crawling Ants
Fixer Gridman Im Fixer Grid, oberste Etage <aoicon>165469::24px</aoicon> Jack's Head <aoicon>165485::24px</aoicon> Weasel Whiskers
Martial Artist Daedra Iberra 1500 x 700, Pleasant Meadows <aoicon>165467::24px</aoicon> Severed leg of the Grand Master <aoicon>165475::24px</aoicon> Monkey Tail
Meta Physicist Elmer Raag 1750 x 950, Mort <aoicon>165471::24px</aoicon> Glowing Amygdaloid Nucleus <aoicon>165486::24px</aoicon> Frog Tongue
Nanotechnician Robin Raag 1750 x 850, Southern Foul Hills
- im Smuggler's Den
<aoicon>165471::24px</aoicon> Glowing Amygdaloid Nucleus <aoicon>165483::24px</aoicon> Beeswax
Soldier Captain Lewison im Reet Retreat, Stret West Bank <aoicon>165466::24px</aoicon> Bloodstained Dog-tag <aoicon>165476::24px</aoicon> Dog Molars
Trader Monday Klein 1300 x 900, Street East Bank <aoicon>165469::24px</aoicon> Jack's Head <aoicon>165484::24px</aoicon> Magpie Tail Feathers