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100px Location: Nascense, Frontier Valley: 885x1572
Libbie Hyman Hello traveller!
Libbie Hyman My name is Libbie Hyman, and I'm a zoologist working for Jobe here in Nascense. Currently I'm doing research on the Spinetooth Hatchlings in this area, but recently we've run into some minor problems that are slowing us down. It's a rather trivial matter, and I hope you can help us out here. You see the number of Weavers of Malice have made the area hard for us to access. We want to observe the hatchlings from a distance, but the weavers are attacking us, preventing us from getting any work done. Can you help us get rid of some of the weavers please?
The Zoologist wants you to kill 7 Weavers of Malice. Do you accept this mission?
You Yes!
Dr Rosenblatt Thank you, it's appreciated!

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  • Description:
Zoologist Libbie Hyman, who wants to do research on the Spinetooth Hatchlings, has asked you for help to remove some of the Weavers of Malice in the area to ease the researchers accessibility to the hatchlings.

Kill 7 Weavers of Malice.

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943 x 1678 Frontier Swamp

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Received mission reward: XP 2000 Cash 2000

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Diese Quest kann mehrmals gemacht werden.

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