Anarchy Online


Die Anarchy Online Spieler standen den größten Herrausforderungen gegenüber, sie befriedeten die Shadowlands,
kämpften gegen Aliens und nun stehen sie wieder ihrem größten Feind gegenüber...sich selbst!

"Willkommen in einer neuen Welt, einer Welt im Kriegszustand. Lost Eden wird meine erste Erweiterung als Game Direktor sein und ich bin sehr erfreut darüber, die Anarchy Online Saga fortsetzen zu können und in die Fußstapfen von Gaute und Marius zu treten."
Morten Byom - Game Director

Concept Art[]

Besondere Merkmale:[]

  • Erringe orbitale Überlegenheit, indem du levelbeschränkte Gefechtsstationen in PvP Schlachten eroberst. Entfessle den Zorn des Himmels!
  • Erlebe es, einen gewaltigen Battle Mech auf dem Schlachtfeld zu steuern.
  • Zerschmettere die Alien Streitkräfte. Betrete weitläufige Dungeons im Herzen der Alien-Mutterschiffe.
  • Personalisiere deinen Charakter mit fortgeschrittenen Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten. Verbessere ihn mit neuen Spezialattacken und speziellen Boni.
  • Nimm am eskalierenden Konflikt zwischen Omni-Tek und den Clans teil. Hilf deiner Seite zu siegen, indem du Luft- und Artillerieschläge anforderst, das Schlachtfeld verminst und mit den Geschützen deines Mechs Tod und Verderben über die gegnerischen Truppen bringst.
  • Beschütze deine Notum Basen mit neuen SAM-Stellungen und stationären Geschützen.


�?Your signature Mr Ross?�?

Philip Ross paused for a second before turning slowly and returning to the table. He watched as one of the two unicorn commanders sat opposite him slowly slid a data-pad across the table.

He looked down at the pad and sighed, all that was required was his final authorisation code.

“And you are sure there is no other option?�? he asked quietly

The Unicorn officers nodded almost in unison.

“No Sir,�? said the taller of the two men solemnly

“So Unicorn advice is to accept the ICC orbital platforms? We really need outside help against the aliens?�?

“Correct Sir,�? confirmed the second officer “we of course have faith in our own resources, but we need not decline such a generous offer of assistance�?

The wry half smile on the face of the other officer was unmistakeable. Ross drew breath and straightened his back, looking the two officers up and down slowly.

“And we wouldn’t have any other plans for these platforms?�?

“If we did?�?

“And if I don’t sign?�?

“CEOs are replaceable Mr Ross, Omni-Tek needs a strong leader in times like these. You have served the corporation well, there would be no dishonour if you chose to step down now…after all, a man of your age, no one would think any worse of you�?

Laughing dryly, almost to himself, Philip Ross reached across and scanned the display screen of the data-pad. All these years, and so close to peace so many times, yet always the conflict tore back against him, he would be damned if he was going to see Rubi-Ka…his planet…destroyed without him.

“You will have your authorisation gentleman,�? Ross said calmly, tapping his eight-digit code into the data-pad carefully, “but a word of warning.�?


“Do not underestimate the clans, if my time on this world has taught me anything, it is that if one man can think it, plan it or prepare for it, then you can be assured that someone else, somewhere, is thinking exactly the same thing�?

“Your signature Jacobi?�?

Alan Jacobi paused for a second before turning slowly and returning to the table. Silverstone sat across from him, clearly impatient as he tapped a data-pad against the rim of the table.

“Remind me again why you think it’s a good idea to invite orbital weapons platforms into range of our holdings?�? the Vanguard leader asked casting his eyes skywards out of the window of the Council of Truth buildings.

Simon Silverstone drew his feet up onto the table and leant backwards casually, “Do you care? War is good for business no?�?

Jacobi shrugged, “Always, but we already have a war my friend, one we seem to be managing comfortably, why do we need the ICC?�?

“If they want to deploy orbital platforms with heavy ordinance for our protection who are we to stand in the way of extra safety for our loyal comrades?�?

“You mean orbital platforms with heavy ordinance that in the right hands could be aimed at parties other then the aliens?�?

“The thought hadn’t crossed my mind mister Jacobi, what do you think of me?�? Silverstone sneered.

Jacobi shrugged again and scanned the display of the data-pad, a joint declaration from the Vanguard and Sentinels officially accepting the ICC proposal to deploy goliath class orbital weapons platforms above Rubi-Ka.

"This is certainly some impressive weaponary"

Silverstone smiled slightly and nodded, "It is indeed, and I hear there is even more we don't yet know about, even ground forces that can be deployed from these stations."

He almost looked excited at the prospect. The Sentinels had always favoured actions over negotiation.

Jacobi looked up again and started to key in his authorisation code before pausing and turning back to the Sentinels leader.

“Shouldn’t we consult the council?�? Jacobi asked quietly

“We are the council!�? Silverstone replied adamantly, “Aliens, Omni-Tek, the ICC…one way or another we will have to fight.�?

“Perhaps, just try and ensure that I don’t run out of customers Mr Silverstone.�?




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