Anarchy Online

Lost Eden Q&A #6

This week we take another selection of questions from players on the expansion features!

Will Mechs be able to be effected by normal attacks, nanoprograms, debuffs or thing like roots and clams?[]

Mechs will only be harmed by special weapon attacks (like the rocket launchers) or by other vehicles, mechs and installations. Conventional weapons and nanos will have no effect on a mech.

Will there be specific nano programs that will be able to harm Mechs and will these programs be avalible to everyone, or a few select, nano proficient, classes?[]

As above mechs will be harmed by other vehicles and special weapons, the only requirement for using those items and equipment will be the skills required to use them. At this stage we aren’t planning on locking anything profession wise, but obviously if say the rocket launcher uses the ‘heavy weapon’ skill, those profession that naturally have lower costs to those skills will of course be able to use them slightly easier then others.

How will different mechs work? For example, will they be customizable with different plating, weapons, and if so, how?[]

Like an extra equipment tab? Or like Implants? Or will they come in select models with different abilities?

The different mechs will have different strengths and weaknesses, from lightly armed, but speedy scout mechs, to heavier armed but more lumbering assault mechs. Mechs will be upgraded through the global research system. So if for example your side has researched one additional armor upgrade and two additional weapon upgrades the next time you summon a mech it will come with those upgrades already installed.

Will mechs be profession based and will they only be available to higher level players?[]

No, mechs wont be profession based and will be available to players of most level ranges. There might be a minimum level due to possible skill requirements but the intention is that they will be available to players of all level ranges. Mechs are summoned at your level, so your level affects the power of the mech you get

How will players use rocket launchers / other anti-vehicle weapons?[]

will they have to buy the rocket launchers, or the ammo? and will anti-vehicle weapons have a limited amount of shots, or will they have to be supplied by the user, or will they be self- supplied?

The anti-vehicle weapons will have limited ammunition. The ammunition or even in some cases the weapon itself will have to be repurchased after each use. These heavy weapons are not designed to be quick to reload or be able to ‘spam’ attacks, they are specifically designed to give foot troops the ability to be useful against vehicles.