Anarchy Online

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Zeit den Update der Startinsel, gibt es die Quest für die Newcomer Armor, damit man es nicht mehr beim Vendor kaufen muss.

Manager Travis Molen: Yes, yes, yes?!
Travis Molen glances at you briefly, then turns his attention back to the raging battle.
You: I heard you might help me get some armor?
Manager Travis Molen: Well, I do have some Newcomer's armor left, but to qualify for the armor pieces, you would have to help me out here first.
You: I'll help you out.
Manager Travis Molen: Good. Now, there are various tasks I need you to look into. But, it might be easier if we start the other way around, what armor part would you be interested in?

Gesprächsfenster nicht schliessen, sondern einer dieser Questen (Armor Teile) auswählen:

Newcomer's Pants[]

You: I want the Newcomer's Pants.
Manager Travis Molen: I need some help removing some of the Climbing Salamanders. The environmentalists on Rubi-Ka managed to convince ICC to keep some of the wildlife here on this island when we built the Shuttleport, but we can't have them running wild up here. Better they stay on the beach where they aren't in the way I say. Up here, they keep getting landed on... I don't feel bad for them if that's what you think, but it gets all over passenger's boots and then all over the floor in the teleporter tower. The cleaning staff are not going to stop harassing me until I get this fixed. And if I hear about how hard it is to get salamander blood off carbonum tile floors one more time, I might have to shoot someone!


1. 3 Climbing Salamander killen
2. Zurück zum Travis Molen

Newcomer's Sleeves[]

You: I want the Newcomer's Sleeves.
Manager Travis Molen: We have had a lot more crashes than normal lately. Unfortunately they haven't all been caused by the alien attackers. I have reports of people sabotaging our shuttles... please investigate this report. If you find anyone tampering with our shuttles please terminate them with the utmost prejudice. If you manage to take one of these guys out I'll give you the Newcomer's Sleeves.


1. 1 Shuttle Saboteur killen
2. Zurück zum Travis Molen

Newcomer's Gloves[]

You: I want the Newcomer's Gloves.
Manager Travis Molen: Ok, I hope you can help us with an issue down at the secondary landing pads. We're looking for some stowaway rollerrats that we believe escaped from one of the shuttles. The rollerrats are constantly harassing the technicians making it impossible to work. They should be easy to kill... it's just that there are so MANY of them...


1. 3 Stowaway Rollerrat killen
2. Zurück zum Travis Molen

Newcomer's Body Armor[]

You: I want the Newcomer's Body Armor.
Manager Travis Molen: I have received reports that the Giant Snakes have symptoms that could be the start of some disease, and so it is important we take care of the Giant Snakes as a precaution. If you go and eliminate a few of them, I'll give you the Newcomer's Body Armor.


1. 3 Giant Snake killen
2. Zurück zum Travis Molen

Newcomer's Boots[]

You: I want the Newcomer's Boots.
Manager Travis Molen: I need you to go and pull the plug on the Cross-Wired Junkbots down on the secondary landing pads. One of our staff said he was fixing these... we are now sure he had no idea what he was doing. After the robots tried to kill our technicians twice... we had to admit there was a problem.


1. 3 Cross-Wired Junkbot killen
2. Zurück zum Travis Molen


Alle Mobs sind beim Alien Field auf der linken Seite zu finden!

You: Goodbye
Manager Travis Molen: I'll be seeing you around.

Man bekommt alle Armor Teile in QL 5. Daher auch nur ab lvl 5 zu anzihen.
Leider gibt es keinen Helm dazu, und auch nicht zu kaufen.
Als Clan oder Omni kan man aber eine Brille kaufen die auch einen netten Bonus geben.
Dazu kann man als Omni oder Clan kan man die Armor auch bis QL 15 Upgraden (hat ein lvl req.).

Das jeweilige Item zum Upgraden gibt es beim Equipment Vendor zu kaufen!

<aoicon>248300</aoicon>Joint Clan Newcomers Armor
<aoicon>248283</aoicon>Omni-Tek Newcomers Armor


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