Anarchy Online

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Allgemeine Informationen[]

Npc mr gibs


  • Mr. Gips
  • Atrox Trader


  • Clan
  • keine Organisation


  • Im Norden von West Athen
  • Koordinaten: 554 x 569
  • Gebiet: West Athen

Gespräch mit Mr. Gips[]

Cirte: Hi Mr. Gibs
Mr. Gibs: Hi there. Nice to see you.
Cirte: Tell me about yourself.
Mr. Gibs: Oh, I didn't know I could be the topic of a conversation.

I'm Elroy Gibs, but everyone calls me mister Gibs.
I guess being a polite Atrox is rather uncommon around here.

Cirte: Could I ask you some questions?
Mr. Gibs: Certainly. What do you need to know?
Cirte: I need some directions.
Mr. Gibs: I'll see if I can help? What are you looking for?
Cirte: Where can I find mutants?
Mr. Gibs: That's easy. Just go outside the city. The countryside is crawling with them.
Cirte: How do I get to Tir?
Mr. Gibs: There's a wom-pah here in the city. That should take you to Tir.
Cirte: Where's the nearest Wom-pah?
Mr. Gibs: It's right here in Athen.
Cirte: Where's the closest grid?
Mr. Gibs: Now where was that? I'm sure it's in the city somewhere.

Close to the center I should imagine.

Cirte: What do you do?
Mr. Gibs: Selling stuff. Actually, I trade in quality goods.

I get the best stuff from the best people. That's the secret to being a good trader, you know.

Cirte: So, you're part of an organization?
Mr. Gibs: No. I just know a few people. I hear there's an organization of traders around though, but I know very little about them.
Cirte: What can you tell me about them?
Mr. Gibs: Not much, I'm afraid.
I've heard that there is a coalition of neutral fixers who provide the neutral traders with various goods.

Both from off-world and from other sources.

Cirte: What kind of other sources?
Mr. Gibs: I hear that a lot of it is Omni-Tek property, but I've also heard that they get some of it from the clans.
Cirte: How do they get this equipment?
Mr. Gibs: Well, they aren't paying much for it, if anything, because the neutral traders, as far as I've heard, mind you, are making a lot more profit on their gear than any of us clan traders.

Don't ask me about Omni-Tek. They can fend for themselves.

Cirte: New Question
Mr. Gibs: You're telling me. I've been through that thing more times than I care to think about.

It's not exactly the best experiences of my life, but as long as it keeps me alive, I guess it's worth it.
I'm sure the people running it know what they're doing.

Cirte: Who's running the resurrection booths?
Mr. Gibs: You don't know?
Cirte: Know what?
Mr. Gibs: I thought everybody knew about it. Omni-Tek are running all the resurrection booths on Rubi-Ka. It's a fact.

They were forced to extend the service to all citizens on Rubi-Ka by the ICC, and so clan members, neutrals and others can use it freely.
The technology belongs to Omni-Tek though.

Cirte: How can we be sure Omni-Tek is not tampering with it?
Mr. Gibs: We can't. I gues we have to trust the ICC observers who are here to make sure we all get a fair resurrection.

And besides, Omni-Tek isn't always to blame when something goes wrong. Other things can happen.

Cirte: What other things?
Mr. Gibs: The soul is not an easy thing to control, and things can go wrong.

I know a bit about this. I figued that if I were to go through the process a few times, I should at least get proper information on it's workings.
There are several places a resurrection can go wrong. Timing, age, scan data, the cause of death in the old body.
I'm mentioning but a few.

Cirte: Do some types of death lead to failed resurrection?
Mr. Gibs: I've heard of it, but I think it's rare. Mind you, I'm no expert.

I've heard that very sudden and very violent deaths, like having a mountain fall on you or being shredded in a notum-grinder, may cause the soul to flee too fast, and the new body will remain empty.
If you die slowly, the soul will hover around for a little while to see if the body gets going again or something.
Or so I've heard.

Cirte: What can go wrong with the scan data?
Mr. Gibs: I guess this is the most typical thing to go wrong.

You may think that only a few people here and there get their scan data corrupted, but you'd be surprised at how many people die because the new is too foreign for the soul to recognize and the subject dies.

Cirte: Are there other things which can go wrong?
Mr. Gibs: With the scan data? Sure. There is a limit to the age of the data as well.

If you do not scan yourself frequently, the old scan data will generate a new body that is no longer familiar to the soul and the subject will die.
And then there's the dreaded 'glitch'. The king of all resurrection faults.

Cirte: What's the 'glitch'?
Mr. Gibs: That's when a small part of the scan data is corrupt and the soul comes back to the body, but you end up strangely disfigured or worse.
Cirte: How does age affect resurrection?
Mr. Gibs: There are certain age limitations.

After the age of seventy, resurrection is not advised.
And children are not allowed to be scanned before the age of eighteen.
I guess careful testing has taught Omni-Tek that it's best to stick to these limits, for whatever reason.

Cirte: What happens if the timing is off?
Mr. Gibs: Timing is crucial.

The new body must be completed as the old one dies, or else the soul will not seek out the new one and take its place in it.

Cirte: How did you end up here?
Mr. Gibs: How did an Atrox become a trader you mean?
Mr. Gibs chuckles.
Mr. Gibs: I never really cared for all the fighting ans such.

I'm supporting the clans, equipping them with what little goods I have.

Cirte: Thanks.
Mr. Gibs: You're very welcome.

--Cirte 19:03, 3. Aug 2005 (CEST)