Anarchy Online

Der Auftrag[]
Find the OT Party Mixer backstage at the Baboons club in Omni-1 Entertainment and deliver the Sonic Analyzer to her.
Realtime left: 0 days, 08 hours, 00 minutes.

Der OT Tailor bittet einen darum, der OT Party Mixerin im Baboons ihren <aoicon>258258::25px</aoicon>Sonic Analyzer zurückbringen.

Das Gespräch mit dem OT Tailor[]

OT Tailor: Yes?
Docrhy: I have the bronto hides for you.
OT Tailor: Nice!
OT Tailor: Excellent! Now I can start the repair work! Thanks for helping out! Please take these leather sleeves as payment!
Docrhy: Do you need help with anything else?
OT Tailor: Yes, actually I do! The party mixer in Baboons came by with one of her outfits that needed repair, and in the bag she gave me with the clothes, I found a sonic analyzer that I believe she would like to get back before her clothes are done. Could you maybe run over to Baboons and give it to her?
Docrhy: No problem, I'll do it!
OT Tailor: Thank you very much!
Docrhy: Goodbye
OT Tailor: I'll see you around.


Per Whompah ist man schnell wieder in Omni-Ent.
Ganz hinten im Baboons findet man die OT Party Mixerin.

Die Belohnung[]

Cash: 768 credits
Exp: 98 points
Item reward:
<aoicon>156764</aoicon> Microphone


Auch hier gibt es eine Anschlussmission, die uns wieder an den Anfang unserer Newbie-Questenkette führt.

--Rhyantusar 23:26, 23. Feb 2006 (CET)