Anarchy Online

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Allgemeine Informationen[]

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Inf map talk with past
  • Start NPC:
  One Who Asks The Unasked
  • Koordinaten:


Inferno - 1193 x 758 // Valley of the dead (Nordosten vom Tal hinterm Portal von Penumbra)
  • Für Level:
  • Dauer:
  ~10 Minuten
  • Questart:
  Kill Quest
  • Reward:
  Geld und XP

One Whose Words Happen to Rhyme ist einer der vielen Yuttos, die überall ihren Geschäften nachgehen.
Er ist gleich hinter dem Portal von Penumbra nach Inferno zu finden.

Das Gespräch:
One Who Asks The Unasked: Greetings!
Cirte: One Whose Words Happen To Rhyme told me to find nuclei from the Somphos for you.
One Who Asks The Unasked: Yes, did you manage to get hold of them?
Cirte: I got them right here, I hope they are what you asked for!
One Who Asks The Unasked: That we shall soon find out!

Listen my friend, and listen well: These nuclei are telling us about an important part of our past.
They show just how much impact the cataclysm had on the beings living here.
The nuclei held information regarding growth and reproduction, but during the cataclysm the energy burst was so great that it literally burnt the very souls of the Xan into everything, and even today you find nuclei containing parts of the Xan.
This process destroyed some of the balance in the nuclei and for some time after the cataclysm the unstable nuclei emitted energy and particles to regain balance.
We believe some of the original structures were broken due to this, and the creatures here changed forever.

Cirte: What use has this information to you?
One Who Asks The Unasked: We research the possible effects your presence has on our environment, and one thing that particularly worries us is the impact of the changes done by the Jobe researchers.

The scientists are playing experts in an area where their knowledge is very limited.
We fear that they will only end up copying the mistakes of the Xan, and we all know so well what troubles came from those experiments!
I'm afraid I can't give you more details at this point.

Cirte: What changes have the researchers done?
One Who Asks The Unasked: Well, just take this example: They created the Shades specifically to use the essences of the creatures in these lands.

To be able to get the essences, many innocent creatures had to be sacrificed as they can only take an essence from a dead body.
This technology is new to your kind, but it is something the Xan experimented with for eons, and so we assume there are issues not yet discovered by your scientists, and that they are far too quick to call it a success.
But now I need to take a look at the nuclei you brought me, and I was wondering while I was doing that, if you could do me a favor and find one of our lost stories. I believe it is known to at least some of Anansi's followers.
You should be able to snitch it from one of them! Will you do this for me?

Cirte: I will help you!
One Who Asks The Unasked: Ok, I have heard from a quite reliable source that these followers keep the information they have to themselves, but that one of the easier one to get talking is the Anansi Gopher.
Cirte: Goodbye

Holt die Geschichte von Anansi Gopher[]
  • Description:
Lost stories

According to One Who Asks The Unasked, the Anansi followers keep one of the Yuttos' lost stories.
He believed the chance of success was greater if you confronted the Anansi Gopher.

Get story from Anansi Gopher
Bring the story to One Who Asks The Unasked

Inf map gothper

Nach der Aussage von One Who Asks The Unasked scheint es das die Anansi Jünger eine der verlorenen Geschichten der Yuttos besitzen.
Ihr sollt einmal versuchen sie von dem Anansi Gopher zu bekommen.

Diese Spinne befindet sich auf der Treppe Richtung Burning Marshes (858 x 721). Ihr müsst diese einmal ansprechen.
Gebt Ihr ihr die zweite, ablehnende Antwort, wird diese aggresiv und ihr müsst euch das Buch mit Gewalt holen, wählt Ihr aber die erste, zustimmende Antwort, rückt sie dieses freiwillig raus.

Am ende seid ihr im Besitz der <aoicon>262287::35px</aoicon> The Tale Of The Stubborn Yuttos
Anmerkung: Die Anansi Gopher hat Instaspawn und jeder im Team muss mit ihr reden und das Item holen/looten. Sollte mal was schiefgehen und ihr könnt sie nicht mehr anreden (geht nur einmal) geht zum Yutto zurück löscht die Missi und holt sie euch erneut.

Wenn ihr wieder zurück zu One Who Asks The Unasked geht und ihm das Buch gebt, betreut er euch mit einer weiteren Aufgabe:
Capture the essence


Für eure Mühe erhaltet ihr:

  • Geld: 1.000.000 credits
  • XP: Angepasst an das Level eures Chars

--Cirte 19:40, 29. Aug 2006 (CEST)