Anarchy Online

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Allgemeine Informationen[]

Ely npc one who has achieved glory
Ely map one who has achieved glory
  • Start NPC:
  One Who Has Achieved Glory
  • Koordinaten:


Elysium - W - 439 x 996
  • Für Level:
  70 - 150
  • Dauer:
  ~5 Minuten
  • Questart:
  Bring Quest
  • Reward:

One Who Has Achieved Glory ist einer der vielen Yuttos, die überall ihren Geschäften nachgehen.

Das Gespräch:
One Who Has Achieved Glory: And it came to pass, when the Xan started to see themselves as owner of this world, that no answers found ever were good enough.

What matters glory, when no one seems to care about what questions are asked, or what answers given?
The glory was mine to have, but the fruits that once were sweet, now seem to be bitter.
What questions do you bring me then? And don't deny that that's why you're here, your eyes tell of urgency and of greed.

Cirte: I'm only wondering if you might have some work for me!
One Who Has Achieved Glory: Of work there is a plenty. There are demands on all ends.

Deliver this, find this, kill this! I try to say I have no such divine skills as to be everywhere at once.
I only try to do what was asked of me, what I was trained for, yet some people ask for more.
What help you would be I do not know, but there are some easy tasks that someone like you might handle.

Cirte: A delivery to the Tinker Tower.
One Who Has Achieved Glory: North of here, there's a beach that stretches out for miles.

In the middle of it, the Tinker Tower stands. There you will find The One Loved By The Sun.
He has requested more of the Sphagnum Moss. I'll pay you 20 000 credits if you deliver it to him.
Will you help One Who Has Achieved Glory?

Cirte: Yes.
One Who Has Achieved Glory: Thanks for helping out! Here's the moss. Please be careful to keep it away from water though, cause it will grow a lot in size if it absorbs moisture.

As for how to get there - you really can't miss the tower, it's the only large structure on that beach.
And watch your step, there are some foul eremites hiding under the sand out there.

Cirte: Goodbye

Bringt das Moos zu The One Loved By The Sun[]
  • Description:
Delivery to Tinker Tower.

The One Loved By The Sun has requested more Sphagnum Moss, you have agreed to deliver it for One Who Has Achieved Glory.

The Tinker Tower is on the beach north-west in Elysium.

  • Realtime left:  
7 days, 00 hours, 00 minutes.
Ely map tinker tower

One Who Has Achieved Glory bittet euch etwas von seinem <aoicon>259784::40px</aoicon> Sphagnum Moss zum Tinker Tower zu bringen.

Ihr könnt den Tinker Tower im Nordwesten von Elysium finden, solltet ihr im besitz des Sanctuary Keys sein ist direkt dort ein Ausgang.

Alle anderen müssen ein wenig laufen, die Strecke ist allerdings nicht allzulang.
Kleine Spieler solltet darauf achten, dass sich im Sand vor dem Tower Level 70 Eremiten tummeln vor denen sie sich in acht nehmen sollten.


Für eure Mühe erhaltet ihr:

  • Geld: 25000 credits

--Cirte 19:36, 2. Mär 2006 (CET)