Anarchy Online

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Allgemeine Informationen[]

Ely npc one who wins over mind
Ely map one who wins over mind
  • Start NPC:
  One Who Has Taken Vow Of Truth
  • Koordinaten:


Elysium - O - 715 x 1550 // The Melting Pot
  • Für Level:
  120 - 150
  • Dauer:
  ~10 Minuten
  • Questart:
  Lauf Quest
  • Reward:
  Geld und XP

One Who Has Taken Vow Of Truth ist einer der vielen Yuttos, die überall ihren Geschäften nachgehen.

Das Gespräch:
One Who Has Taken Vow Of Truth: Will they heal our life-weary souls, and let us rest our troubled brows?

Will there ever be a day, when we will cease to exist?
Will there be an afterlife?
Will they awake us from the age of slumber?
We can no longer linger. We have to be prepared. We have to be ready for whatever is yet to come.
Help us, and you shall be rewarded.

Quietness: I can help you, what do you need?
One Who Has Taken Vow Of Truth: The need is great, it may not last forever. I willl not hide the facts.

I need you to get hold of some artifacts. But if you haven't done so yet, I would recommend you to go and visit Excalibur's End.
It's a great starting point to get a feeling of just how old this land is.

Quietness: Excalibur's End?
One Who Has Taken Vow Of Truth: Yes! Go to Excalibur's End, and take a look at the sword in the stone.
Quietness: Goodbye.

Finde Excalibur`'s End[]
  • Description:
Find Excalibur's End.

The sword was ice cold to the touch as your hand moved across its surface, an eternity of memories flooded through your consciousness, somehow channeling the dreams and visions of a long lost age. In mere seconds it felt like ou had absorbed countless fractured thoughts.

  • Realtime left:  
0 days, 10 hours, 00 minutes.

Excalibur's end Excalibur's end map

Nun müsst ihr zu Excalibur's End gehen und einfach nur das Schwert ins Visier nehmen. Allerdings solltet ihr dies erst tun, wenn ihr Level 147+ seid oder ihr euch zutraut, gegen ca. 6 bis 8 Crippler of Growth zu kämpfen. Mit 147 war für mich nur noch einer grün und den konnte ich entspannt bekämpfen. Wenn ihr dies getan habt ändert sich der Missionsauftrag und ihr müsst zurück zu One Who Has Taken Vow Of Truth. Dort erhaltet ihr eure Belohnung.


Für eure Mühe erhaltet ihr:

  • Geld: 50000 credits
  • XP: 20000 xp.