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Allgemeine Informationen[]

Inf npc learns from the past
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  • Start NPC:
  One Who Learns The Past
  • Koordinaten:


Inferno - 904 x 183 // Valley of the dead (gleich hinterm Penumbra Portal)
  • Für Level:
  • Dauer:
  ~20 Minuten
  • Questart:
  Kill Quest
  • Reward:
  nix benötigt für Quest: Ending the devotion

One Who Is Invited Last ist einer der vielen Yuttos, die überall ihren Geschäften nachgehen.
Er ist gleich hinter dem Portal von Penumbra nach Inferno zu finden.

Das Gespräch:
One Who Learns The Past: You look like an able bodied soul, would you be able to help me find the lost stories?
Cirte: What stories?
One Who Learns The Past: The ones that Anansi took and hid throughout the Shadowlands of course!

Do you beings take no interest in the history that surrounds you?

Cirte: Who is Anansi?
One Who Learns The Past: That is a question to which even we have yet to find an answer.

All I can do is recount the many tales and legends that have been passed down through the ages amongst my kin.
Anansi was here before all things the Yuttos know, yet he was not the first, for legend has it that it was Anansi that struggled to free the stories from the ancient gods.

Cirte: Let's get down to it, what do you want me to do?
One Who Learns The Past: I want you to kill Anansi's followers.
Cirte: So how will killing them help?
One Who Learns The Past: I have found a way to trap the spirits of them as they die!

As I discovered how the ancient soul catchers worked I managed to reconfigure one of them to trap only the stories as they try to escape their mortal bodies when they die.
For a short period they search for another body to possess and hide in, and in that time I have found I can capture them with the soul catcher and learn the stories again.

Cirte: Won't Anansi try and help his followers?
One Who Learns The Past: Anansi has disappeared, I doubt anything could have killed him, legend tells he was an inventive type and I have no doubt he survived the cataclysm, but nothing has been seen of him since those days.

His right and left hands oversee his followers to this day, waiting for the day when Anansi returns.
So will you do it? Will you help me recover the stories?

Cirte: I will help you!
One Who Learns The Past: Good good, when you are done go and see my associate One Who Talks With The Past.
Cirte: Goodbye

Sucht die wiedergewinnungseinheit um in die Vergangenheit zu schaun.[]
  • Description:
Exterminate the Zealots

One Who Learns The Past told you how the trickster Anansi hid the old stories in the spirits of his followers, and how the Yuttos now had found a way to trap the spirits as the followers die using a soul catcher.
Your task is to release the spirits.

Kill 5 Anansi Zealots
Kill 5 Anansi Disciples
Kill Anansi Dreamkeeper

Inf map anansi follower1

Der Yutto One Who Learns The Past hat einen Weg gefunden die Seelen der Anansijünger zu fangen und die verlorenen Geschichten über Anansi dadurch zu gewinnen.

Eure Aufgabe ist es nun, die Jünger zu töten, damit der Yutto mit dem Seelenfänger die Seelen der Jünger einfangen kann, bevor sie sich einen neuen Körper suchen.

Erledigt dazu die Anasi Zealots und Disciples (das sind Spinnen) und anschließend den Dreamkeeper (unredeemed Mob), die nördlich vom Tal zu finden sind (rechts neben der Treppe die nach oben führt) und sucht danach den Yutto One Who Talks With the Past, der sich östlich von den Monstern in einem Yutto Camp befindet (953 x 656).

Sprecht mit ihm, dann erhaltet ihr einen neuen Quest:
Ending the devotion

Inf npc talk with past


Für eure Mühe erhaltet ihr:

  • Geld: 1.000.000 credits
  • XP: Angepasst an das Level eures Chars

--Cirte 20:18, 29. Aug 2006 (CEST)