Anarchy Online

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Allgemeine Informationen[]

Npc ely one who overvomes enemies
Quest sl up for a challenge
  • Start NPC:
  One Who Overcomes Enemies
  • Koordinaten:


Elysium - The Divide - 1460 x 867
  • Für Level:
  • Dauer:
  • Questart:
  Kill Quest
  • Reward:
  Geld und Ring of Computing

One Who Overcomes Enemies ist einer der vielen Yuttos, die überall ihren Geschäften nachgehen.

Das Gespräch:
One Who Overcomes Enemies: Some people say we must have no enemies, only opponents whom we wean from error by patience and sympathy.

I say they should take a look around. Has there ever been a war without an enemy? No! We need to fight them back, we can't just let them walk all over us. But people let fear become their greatest enemy. I have overcome my fears. Are you ready to overcome yours?

Nasur: I'm ready to overcome my fears.
One Who Overcomes Enemies: Hah. I would not be so quick to say so if I were you! It is harder than you think.

Bring me the eye of the Prophetess and I may reward you the Ring of Computing.

Nasur: Goodbye

Holt das eye of the Malah-Fama Prophetess[]
  • Description:
Overcome your fears.

One Who Overcomes Enemies challenged you to get the eye of the Malah-Fama Prophetess.

  • Realtime left:  
0 days, 09 hours, 59 minutes.
Kommt noch

Besorgt das <aoicon>259805:40px</aoicon> Eye of the Prophetess

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Für eure Mühe erhaltet ihr:

  • Geld: 250.000 credits
  • Items: <aoicon>238910::40px</aoicon> Ring of Computing