Anarchy Online


Totes/veraltetes Projekt!

PAO is a next-generation chat client for the Anarchy Online MMORPG. PAO is strongly inspired by IRC clients, instant messengers, the other great chat client AORC, and by the AO chat system itself. PAO is designed to be modular, configurable and flexible. Written in OS-neutral Python and Qt, PAO is both cross-platform and easily extendable. Native plugin support is currently in development, and support for PHP IGN plugins is also in the works. PAO is open-source, released under the GPL, so it can be used, modified and distributed freely.


  • Tabbed Chatting - Chat with groups or individuals in their own tabbed window.
  • Multiple Server Connections - Simultaneously connect to more than one dimension, or connect to the same dimension with different characters.
  • Cross-platform - Run PAO on Windows, Linux, OSX and others.
  • Extendability - Current and future plugin support will allow users to extend PAO to suit their personal needs.


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