Anarchy Online

Annie Kingsglade: Hello! Jymy: Hello! Annie Kingsglade: Can you please bring something to Robert Ryan for me? He is outside the basic supermarket where I'm supposed to meet him, but that is out of the question now. Still I would like him to have his bio-comminutor back, so can you please deliver it to him for me? Jymy: Sure, it's not far anyway! Annie Kingsglade: Thank you, that's very nice of you! Jymy: Goodbye Annie Kingsglade: May the Rubi-kan winds give you luck on your journey!

Mission: Deliver the Basic Bio-commin... Description: Deliver the Basic Bio-comminutor to Robert Ryan.

Realtime left: 0 days, 08 hours, 58 minutes. Reward: Cash: 336 credits Exp: 41 points. (Which you get when you receive a token.)

Robert Ryan:

Robert Ryan: Waddya' want? Jymy: I have something for you, from Ms. Kingsglade. Robert Ryan: So she couldn't get herself to deliver it to me in person, huh? Well, she has borrowed it for quite some time now, I can see how shame would keep someone like her from showing up. You can be sure this is the last time I ever let her borrow my stuff. Robert Ryan: Yeah, that's my bio-comminutor, alright. You know the sad part is that I gave up waiting for her to return it, and bought myself a new, upgraded version in the shop here. You can keep this one, or throw it away for all that I care, as long as you don't give it back to her. Ok? Jymy: So, what can one do around here? Robert Ryan: I dunno, some people hang out in the subway, but nothing for me to do down there, might be you find it interesting though. If you got some time on your hands, why don't you go help Tirbo with those rollerrats? He's just outside the city walls hunting for them, and could use some help for sure! Jymy: How can I find Tirbo? Robert Ryan: As I said, he's just ouside the city walls. Here, let me show you how to upload the information to your map. To upload the mission location to your map, open the mission window by pressing CTRL+4. With the right mouse button select the mission you want to upload to your map. A drop down menu will then appear offering you the option to 'upload to map'. When you are in the right area for the mission, as you are now, the direction of your mission will be marked with a yellow dot in the compass. You can also open the local map, pressing CTRL+6. In this map your location will be marked as a yellow dot, while the mission location will be marked with a white 'x'. Click and drag the mouse in the map to look at the area. Robert Ryan: I think you should be able to find him now, he's not far away outside the gates anyway. Jymy: Goodbye Robert Ryan: Goodbye!

Tirbo Ratcatcher:

Tirbo Ratcatcher: Hi there! The Athen city council has charged me with making this area more hygenic for it's citizens. They want me to reduce the rollerrat population. This has become too big of a task for me to do myself, so I wonder if you would be interested in helping me? Jymy: Sure, I can help you. Tirbo Ratcatcher: Great! After you have killed a rollerrat, remove its spine and tail intact. When you manage to get one, bring it to me and I will reward you for your help. Jymy: I'm already looking! Tirbo Ratcatcher: Oh, sorry, I didn't recognize you there. Have you got an undamaged tail yet? Jymy: No, haven't found any yet. Tirbo Ratcatcher: You better go kill some more rollerrats then! Jymy: Goodbye Tirbo Ratcatcher: Roller-demonic-piece-of-crap-rats....

Bring Tirbo Ratcatcher an un... Description: Bring Tirbo Ratcatcher an undamaged rollerrat tail.

Realtime left: 4 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes. Reward: Cash: 500 credits Exp: 500 points. (Which you get when you receive a token.)