Anarchy Online

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Die Alvin/Dodga Quest Teil 1[]

Pads of Interest / Shoulderpads for the Suspicious[]

Alvin Um die Quest zu bekommen gibt es 2 unterschiedliche Ansprechpartner:

als Omni muss man zu Alvin Odeleder
(Lush Fields Outpost - 1540x2500 - omni)
und als Claner zu Dodga Demercel
(Aegan/Rising Sun - 610x1120 - clan)
als Neutraler kann man sich das aussuchen oder beide Quests machen um sich beide Shoulderpads zu holen.
Beide Dialoge sind ähnlich.

Alvin-map Lackey3
Dodga Demercel: Greets.
You: How are you?
Dodga Demercel: I'm just fine, thanks. Just doing my job.
You: What is your job here?
Dodga Demercel: I've been assigned to gather important information for the Council of Truth.

Although I'm a bit short on people, I do what it takes to get the job done. I just wish they had given me some more people for this task.

You: Council of Truth?
Dodga Demercel: Not much to tell, really. The Council is my employer. I carry out the tasks that are given to me.
You: Important information?
Dodga Demercel: Like I said, my assignment here is to gather important information.

It's taking me quite a while, though. I wasn't given enough manpower to do the job properly. It would have been handy with a few more people around to do this kind of work.

You: How can I help you?
Dodga Demercel: That all depends.
Dodga Demercel scans you briefly with a strange sounding instrument.
Dodga Demercel: 64,6% bio.

I guess that will do. So you're willing to help me out, eh? Can I trust you to keep this under wraps?

You: Yes. I am trustworthy.
Dodga Demercel: That is good to hear.

I'm sorry for scanning you like that, but you just can't be too careful these days. There are quite a few strange things going about, and one should be mindful to take notice of them. Now, before I tell you anything more, I have to ask that you do not share the information with anyone else. Is that understood?

You: I understand.
Dodga Demercel: Good.

Now listen closely. There are rumors about machines walking around on Rubi-Ka doing very strange things. It could be an Omni plot, but so far nothing has suggested that they might be behind it. However, we must stay vigilant. Will you stay vigilant?

You: I will be vigilant, Mr. Demercel.
Dodga Demercel: Excellent!

I like you. But what will you be looking for? We can't have you stumbling blindly about, now can we? It feels like I've done little else these past weeks, but you seem to be the one who can help me get some results. So, are you ready for some robot hunting?

You: I am ready.
Dodga Demercel: Excellent, quite outstanding I might say.

I need you to go and dismantle every robot you might find outside our cities. Keep your eyes open for any strange-looking components they might contain and see if you can construct anything interesting. And remember, things are not always what they seem... Well, not to me anyway. Now go! Come and look me up when you have anything worthy of my attention. Why are you still here? Please don't make me regret I recruited you. Go! Off with you, try to make yourself useful!

You: Goodbye
Dodga Demercel: Goodbye.
Alvin Odeleder: Hello.
You: What are you doing out here?
Alvin Odeleder: I'm in the process of gathering some important information for the Corporation.
You: What corporation?
Alvin Odeleder: Omni-Tek of course. Are you daft?
You: What kind of important information?
Alvin Odeleder: Like I said, I'm gathering some important information for Omni-Pol. It's taking me quite a while, though. I wasn't really given enough manpower to do the job properly.

A few more people to do this kind of work would have been handy.

You: You can't apply for more people?
Alvin Odeleder: I could. But considering the paperwork required, I'd rather recruit able citizens that volunteer.

Fine brothers and sisters in arms, such as yourself!

You: Anything I can do to help?
Alvin Odeleder: Appearances are not everything. Just a moment...
Alvin Odeleder pokes your belly with a strange-sounding instrument...
Alvin Odeleder: Hmm... You seem to check out all right.

62,3% biological material, that's good enough for me. Now, the real question is whether or not you are trustworthy. Well, are you?

You: Yes.
Alvin Odeleder: Good. Good.

I'm sorry about the bio-scan, but you cannot be too careful. Strange things are all about, and a man must keep his eyes open for anything out of the ordinary these days. Before I tell you more, I must stress that this information you are about to receive must not be distributed to anyone else. Are we clear on this?

You: Yes.
Alvin Odeleder: Good. I shall hold you to this promise.

Now, for the sensitive information. I am here to gather information about a possible new threat to the Omni-Tek rule. There are rumurs about machines, robots if you like, that seem to challenge our idea of them being but a simple concoction of nuts and bolts. At present it is a small matter, but it could escalate into something bigger and much more dangerous. One must stay vigilant! Will you stay vigilant?

You: l will stay vigilant!
Alvin Odeleder: Ah!

But what will you be looking for, my friend? Charging in the dark are we? Well, who can blame you; I feel like I have done little else myself for the last weeks. But you look like an enterprising spirit... Who knows if you'll have better luck than me. So are you ready for some robot hunting?!

You: Yes!
Alvin Odeleder: I like your spirit!

I need you to go and dismantle every robot you might find outside our cities and bring with you any weird-looking components you may find. Be watchful! Things might not always be what they seem. Off you go! Come back to me when you have something you think will arouse my interest. You still here?! Go! Off with you, try to be of some use!

You: Goodbye
Alvin Odeleder: Where did that darn slayerdroid go with my lunch?!


nun solltest Du folgende Mission erhalten haben: Dismantle robots and other animated machinery found roaming without apparent supervision around the main cities of Rubi-Ka. Keep an eye out for anything unusual that you might find amongst their remains. If you manage to gather anything that looks suspicious enough, bring it back to Dodga Demercel.


Nun geht es ans Roboter jagen um die folgenden 8 Teile zu besorgen. Und ja, es dauert lange bis man alle Teile zusammen hat. Funcom gibt dir nicht umsonst 30 Tage Zeit... am besten sammelt man die 8 Teile aber bevor man sich die Mission holt, da sie sonst einen der 9 Missionsplätze belegt.

<aoicon>155665</aoicon> 1. Suspicious Looking Parts of Biotechnology

Interconnected knots of faintly stirring, rubbery material

<aoicon>155684</aoicon> 5. Liquid Based Conductors

Rigid, tough and very thin tubes, used to conduct weak currents in biotechnology systems

<aoicon>155664</aoicon> 2. Scrap of Notum

A thin flake of what appears to be very pure notum

<aoicon>155685</aoicon> 6. Large and partly fused lump of strange tetrahedral CPU bundles

A bit charred lump that looks like several weird shaped microprocessors wedged together

<aoicon>155666</aoicon> 3. Microscopic Pulsating Nano Crystals

Condensed droplets of swirling nanobots

<aoicon>155686</aoicon> 7. Ancient Looking Lamp Relay

A small oblong light-bulb, really ancient looking

<aoicon>155683</aoicon> 4. Bundle of Nano-Tubes

Oily to the touch - and incredible minute bundles of what seems to be hollow tubes

<aoicon>155687</aoicon> 8. Highly plastic mother-circuit array

A motherboard of some sort, but when you pick it up you realise it is not rigid like most of its kind, but is highly plastic

wenn wir dann endlich alle Teile haben, setzen wir sie der Reihe nach zusammen. Als Resultat haben wir dann ein

<aoicon>155721</aoicon> Suspicious looking polyhedral casing - emitting strange sounds

A very suspicious looking polyhedral casing emitting warmth and occasionally some strange sounds, like in 'I am sure he was trying to say something' sounds.


was wir nun nach Alvin/Dodga bringen und dafür u.a. unsere 1. Shoulderpads bekommen. (Erst die 3. Shoulderpads sind sichtbar)

Dodga Demercel: Heya.
You: I have something for you..
Dodga Demercel: Sounds good. Hand it over.
You: --> hier das 'Suspicious looking polyhedral casing - emitting strange sounds' ins Tradefenster legen.
Dodga Demercel: Well, this is interesting.

Now I really have something to work with. Well done! Listen, I'll have to examine this thing more closely, run a few tests and such. Why don't you come back in a few hours and I might have some more work for you to do. Ah, almost forgot. Here is my card.

Dodga Demercel hands you his card.
Dodga Demercel: Return this to me when we meet next time.

Can't be too careful these days, with the clones and all. Thanks again for your help.

You: Goodbye
Dodga Demercel: Goodbye.
Alvin Odeleder: Hello.
You: I have the thing you wanted.
Alvin Odeleder: Good. Good.

Hand it over, and I'll take a look at it.

Alvin Odeleder: Now there is something useful!

Finally something to work with! Tell you what... Come back to me in a few hours. I need to examine this thing here better. Next time you see me, I suspect I will have some more work for you! And yes, when you return, hand me this card here.

Alvin hands you his card.
Alvin Odeleder: You can't be too careful nowadays.
You: Goodbye
Alvin Odeleder: Where did that darn slayerdroid go with my lunch?!

Omni-Tek Clan
<aoicon>158000</aoicon> Pads of Interest <aoicon>158087</aoicon> Clan Shoulderpads for the Suspicious
<aoicon>158421</aoicon> Omni-Tek Bravery Token <aoicon>158422</aoicon> Clan Bravery Token
<aoicon>96349</aoicon> Omni-Tek Mission Token <aoicon>96350</aoicon> Clan Mission Token
<aoicon>155722</aoicon> Alvin's Card I <aoicon>156950</aoicon> Dodga's Card I
20.000 credits 20.000 credits
20.000 xp 20.000 xp

die Alvin/Dodga Card I brauchst du für The Sided Shoulderpads, Part 2

Wo finde ich die Teile[]

  • Mech Dogs, Nord-Nord/Ost von Rome (Rome Stretch, 500 x 1000)
  • Bucketheads, Buzzsaws&Junkbots rund um Trash King (Athen Shire, 1600 x 1000)
  • Bucketheads rund um Nuts & Bolts (Wartron Valley, 715 x 665)
  • Buzzsaws am acid pool (Newland Desert, 2850 x 700)
  • Buzzsaws&Technoscavengers am Bot Mountain (Greater Tir County, 1650 x 2200)
  • Probes in Harrys Outpost (Lush Fields)
  • Elite A-500 & A-500 Soldiers in Omni Forrest (Greater Omni Forrest, 1600 x 2200)
  • A4000's am nördlichen Rand von Greater Tir County
  • Single oder Team Missionen mit Robotern

Mechdogs haben ungefähr Level 40, Probes Level 30, Buzzsaws Level 20, Bucketheads Level 10. Die Level der A-500 bis A-4000 sind unterschiedlich, aber fangen so bei Level 60 an und gehen bis etwa Level 130.

Mitschnitt der Konstruktion[]

You combined "Scrap of Notum" with "Suspicious Looking Parts of Biotechnology" and the result is a quality level 1 "Notum infected biotechnology". The items seem to melt together, creating a badly smelling blob of, of... something not living, but not dead either!

You combined "Microscopic Pulsating Nano Crystals" with "Notum infected biotechnology" and the result is a quality level 1 "Nano enhanced notum infected biotechnology". The nanobots slip effortlessly into the rubbery mass

You combined "Bundle of Nano-Tubes" with "Nano enhanced notum infected biotechnology" and the result is a quality level 1 "Notum fed nano-enhanced biotechnology". Wondering how you are going to fit this into the already alien looking concoction, you suddenly notice a flash of hectic nanobot activity surrounding the strange looking tubes. Before you know it, the tubes have been integrated completely into the glowing mass of 'something'. You are not sure if you particularly like this development and with a certain amount of scepticism you tug that very 'something' into your backpack and continue your hunt.

You combined "Liquid Based Conductors" with "Notum fed nano-enhanced biotechnology" and the result is a quality level 1 "Notum fed nano-enhanced biotechnology with some loose ends". As you try to fit the conductors to the ever growing tumour of robo-junk the whole thing suddenly is covered with a small cloud of nano-bots. You feel the conductors snapped from your fingers and a second later the bots are gone, the chunk is lying in front of you with the LBCs protuding from various places.

You combined "Large and partly fused lump of strange tetrahedral CPU bundles" with "Notum fed nano-enhanced biotechnology with some loose ends" and the result is a quality level 1 "Pulsating chunk of bio-matter - surrounding a core of weird logics". When you hold the fused CPUs close to the rest of the things you have piled together it triggers, as before, hectic nano-bot activity. The ever-growing lump quickly devours this latest addition. But what is different this time is, that when the cloud of nano-bots resides, the lump is pulsating, and even though you know you should know better, you have the feeling it is alive?

You combined "Ancient Looking Lamp Relay" with "Pulsating chunk of bio-matter - surrounding a core of weird logics" and the result is a quality level 1 "Erratically pulsating - lukewarm chunk of biological matter". Examining closer the pulsating device you notice an opening that is like made for the base of the light-bulb. When inserted, the bulb slowly starts to glow and at the same time it sinks or is sucked into the mass. It glows brighter and brighter as it is sucked deeper and finally it disappears into the ever growing chunk.

You combined "Highly plastic mother-circuit array" with "Erratically pulsating - lukewarm chunk of biological matter" and the result is a quality level 1 "Suspicious looking polyhedral casing - emitting strange sounds". You pull the weird pulsating chunk out of your backpack and place it next to your new found elastic circuits. As before the items are quickly engulfed in a cloud of nano-bots and when they reside you are looking upon a truly alien 'Thing'. If Alvin was looking for something suspicious, this will no doubt make his day.

kurze Hilfe zum Anzeigen im Spiel[]

Eine Kurzanleitung zu dieser Quest ist im nachfolgendem Kasten. Einfach den kompletten Inhalt in deinem \Anarchy Online\Scripts Ordner als Alvin-Dodga1.Quest abspeichern und Ingame mit /Alvin-Dodga1.Quest aufrufen.

<a href="text://<font color=#3EDAF9><u>Alvin/Dodga Quest Teil 1/3</u><font color=#08F708><br><br>folgende Items aus Robotern looten<br><a href=itemref://155665/155665/1><img src=rdb://156565></a>+<a href=itemref://155664/155664/1><img src=rdb://156562></a>+<a href=itemref://155666/155666/1><img src=rdb://156567></a>+<a href=itemref://155683/155683/1><img src=rdb://156553></a>+<br><a href=itemref://155684/155684/1><img src=rdb://156557></a>+<a href=itemref://155685/155685/1><img src=rdb://156566></a>+<a href=itemref://155686/155686/1><img src=rdb://156552></a>+<a href=itemref://155687/155687/1><img src=rdb://156555></a>=<br>und zusammenbauen<br><a href=itemref://155721/155721/1><img src=rdb://156551></a><br><u>Reward:</u><br>Omni<a href=itemref://158000/158000/1><img src=rdb://31537></a>oder Clan<a href=itemref://158087/158087/1><img src=rdb://31538></a><br>& 20.000 credits, 20.000 xp">Alvin/Dodga Quest Teil1</a> AlvinDodga1-inGameHilfe

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