Anarchy Online

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Allgemeine Informationen[]

Datei:Quest Sabina Florenta.png Location: Nascense, Frontier Valley: 885x1572
Sabina Florenta Hi there, I hope you have enjoyed what you've seen of Nascense so far! It's really such a lovely place!

My name is Sabina Florenta, and I am here as a researcher on the genes of the species here to see if we can learn anything from them. Currently I'm doing research on the Predator Strikers, but at the moment I need more blood samples before I can continue my research. Maybe you can help me?

The researcher wants you to get 6 blood samples from Predator Strikers for her. Will you help her?
You Yes!
Sabina Florenta Thank you!

  • Description:
Researcher Sabina Florenta asked you to get 6 blood samples from the Predator Strikers for her. When you have all the samples, deliver them to her.


Die 6 Predator spawnen nach ihrem Tod ein <aoicon>259957</aoicon> Predator Blood Sample in deinem Inventar also braucht man da 6 freie Felder.


822 x 1665 Frontier Cauldron

Zurück zu Sabina Florenta[]

Sabina Florenta Hi again! Did you get the samples?
You I have the blood samples you wanted.
Sabina Florenta 6 samples I hope? Hand them over, please!
You Gebt ihr die 6 Predator Blood Samples.
Sabina Florenta Thank you. Now I have enough to continue my research! Here's some money for the trouble!
You Thank you!
Sabina Florenta If you come back later, I might have need for some more samples! Goodbye!

Final Rewards[]

Received mission reward: XP 2000 Cash 2000