Anarchy Online

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Allgemeine Informationen[]

Npc sam cadena


  • Sam Cadena
  • Solitus Trader


  • Clan
  • Organisation Unbekannt


  • In einem Aussenposten im Südwesten von Athen Shire
  • Koordinaten: 1542 x 323
  • Gebiet: Cobal Forest

Gespräch mit Sam Cadena[]

Sam Cadena: Yes, yes...what can I do for you today?
Cirte: Tell me about yourself.
Sam Cadena: One of my favourite subjects as it is. Always happy to talk about myself.
Cirte: Who are you?
Sam Cadena: Sam. Sam Cadena, but you already knew that.

Good, good. Always start with a question you know the answer to.
Oldest trick in the book. I've got a feeling about you...

Cirte: Where are you from?
Sam Cadena: Oh, I'm from around these parts. Born up in Newland City as a matter of fact. Moved down to Athen after the war.

Now I just hang around here, take in the beautiful scenery, enjoy quiet walks in the woods.
Enjoying my retirement, yessir, that's it.

Cirte: Tell me about Newland City.
Sam Cadena: Newland City's a little bit of a strange place.

It's neutral, but Omni-Tek doesn't really consider anyone neutral - or so they say - even though they mostly leave the neutrals alone.
I know, I don't really understand that stuff myself.
But the Council of Truth gave Newland City neutral status in the second amendment of the Tir Accord.
Of course, that document ain't worth the paper it's written on these days.

Cirte: What does all that mean?
Sam Cadena: Basically it means that Newland City is neutral - even though there is no such thing as neutral - but the Council of Truth gave them neutrality, but really didn't have any power to do so.

Make sense? I didn't think so. The result is still that Newland City's where the neutrals hang out, and both sides more or less leave them alone.
The ICC Peacekeepers are the ones protecting the Newts these days.

Cirte: Thanks.
Sam Cadena: I aim to please.
Cirte: What are you doing here?
Sam Cadena: Tell you the truth, as little as humanly possible.

Heh, I'm retired, and enjoying every second of it. That's right, enjoying it I am.

Cirte: Why did you retire?
Sam Cadena: A man can't go on forever, can he? Guess I was gettin' tired.

This planet ain't what it used to be, with all the babies running around since Omni-Tek opened the place up in June of '75.
I've always wonderd about that...OT should have seen we weren't ready.
Guess they had to accommodate some ICC ruling or other, maybe Sol BC had somethin' to do with that. A complete diasaster it was, no arguments there.

Cirte: What happened in June of '75?
Sam Cadena: People never learn, that's what went wrong.

I guess the restrictions OT had put on immigration were illegal - at least from ICC's point of view - but come on, for once they knew what they were doin'!
The infrastructure was never ready for the massive influx of colonists.
Caused complete chaos it did, never seen anything like it.

Cirte: Tell me about Sol B.C.
Sam Cadena: Sol Banking Corporation. Professional people, and you gotta respect that.

Some say they lack both ethics and common courtesy. "What does ethics and common courtesy have to do with tradin'?", that's what I wanna know.
They drive a hard bargain, Sol B.C does, and it's definitely workin'. They about the same size as Omni-Tek these days.

Cirte: Is that so?
Sam Cadena: Sure thing. Decent crew I say. Know what they want, and do whatever they can to get it. Nothin' wrong with that?

Even if the ICC might say otherwise.

Cirte: Tell me about the ICC.
Sam Cadena: Sorry, the Interstellar Confederation of Corporations.

They regulate the hyper-corporations, trying to make sure none of them get too much of a grip of things if ya'know what I mean?
I've always been sceptical about regulated trade, but that's me. So, hang me.

Cirte: Let's talk about something else.
Sam Cadena: It's a free planet. Ooops, no it's not, but go ahead anyway.
Cirte: Have you heard any rumours lately?
Sam Cadena: Rumours? Heh...I probably started the rumour. Jobe sound familiar? Traders' Circle? The Omegas? Or the illustrious Lord Galahad?

Rumours are always circulating you know, but the thing is, they're rumours - and in their inherent nature difficult to verify. Hey...I've made a living entirely based on them.

Cirte: What can you tell me about the 'Traders' Circle'?
Sam Cadena: How about nothing? Zilch? Nada? Don't take it the wrong way my friend, but some stuff's gotta remain within the trade.

I'm sure you can appreciate that.

Cirte: Right.
Sam Cadena: Sorry about that, but that's how it's gotta be.
Cirte: Tell me about Lord Galahad?
Sam Cadena: The joke of the millenium many will say - insanity incarnated.

Others will tell you he's got a plan, that there's system to his ludicrous behaviour. It all depends who you listen to my friend.

Cirte: What do you think?
Sam Cadena: It doesn't really matter what I think, does it friend? I'm no longer a player.

But I think Galahad has an ace or two up his sleeve. You don't make that kind of money on interstellar trade unless you're a tough cookie.
No I don't buy all that "insane" babble. The man's a certified tradin' genius, and he's here for a reason.

Cirte: Thank you.
Sam Cadena: Hey, you asked my opinion didn't you?
Cirte: Tell me about the Omegas?
Sam Cadena: Not a pleasant subject - and one I hope will remain in past tense.

They were the ancient rulers my friend - the scum of human history, but it's all a long story.

Cirte: I've got time.
Sam Cadena: What do you know about the 'Long Winter'?
Cirte: Nothing.
Sam Cadena: Then that's where we'll start.

Back in the 21st Century - yeah, we're talkin' ancient history here - a company called Farmatek set in motion the complete destruction of Earth, and went underground until the end of the ensuing 'Long Winter'...

Cirte: Go on.
Sam Cadena: The surviving Farmatek employees - a select few - called themselves the Omegas.

They remained underground for thousands of years before returning to the surface, and when they did, they quickly subdued and enslaved the surface dwellers - the Solitus.

Cirte: Then what happened?
Sam Cadena: The Omegas ruled the world for ages - close to ten thousand years - until they were stopped by one of their own: the great David Marlin.
Cirte: So what happened to the Omegas?
Sam Cadena: They were hunted down like the dogs they were.

Hunted down, deprived of their nano-technology, and least...

Cirte: At least?
Sam Cadena: Ssshh...keep your voice down. They might hear you.

All I'm saying is, there are no guarantees they were all killed, I mean, they had thousands of years of experience hiding.

Cirte: Thanks, that'll do.
Sam Cadena: Okidoki friend. That's up to you.
Cirte: What can you tell me about Jobe?
Sam Cadena: Only a few rumours - heh.

Strange place apparently, and very inaccessible these days.
Filled with nano geniuses who feel they're too good for the rest of the population.
Don't let anyone in they don't - only traders from other parts of the galaxy are admitted.
I hear they're talking about opening it back up though.

Cirte: Thank you.
Sam Cadena: No problemo.
Cirte: Can we change the subject?
Sam Cadena: Rumours not your thing friend?
Cirte: Could I ask you some questions?
Sam Cadena: Come to find some answers have you? Well I'm your man.
Cirte: Have you got any friends in the area?
Sam Cadena: What do you take me for? Sure I have friends.

I have friends all over the planet. Don't know many people around these here parts though, except Andrea over at the War Academy.

Cirte: Tell me about Andrea.
Sam Cadena: Good girl she is. But a little too serious.

Guess war'll do that to you. Used to help her out a little when I was still active.

Cirte: How did you help her?
Sam Cadena: I used to help her get equipment for her recruits.

Even slipped some stuff under the table.
She doesn't get the funding she needs to properly run the Academy you know, and she has to play it a little by ear some times.

Cirte: Thanks.
Sam Cadena: Anything else I can help you with?
Cirte: How do you feel about the Omni/clan conflict?
Sam Cadena: It doesn't matter how I feel about it.

The fighting won't stop anytime soon, even if we're not "technically" at war at the moment.

Cirte: Do you think there'll be another war?
Sam Cadena: As I said friend, I'm sure of it.

After the peace talks and the amnesty offered in 75, I think it'll be a long time until they ever try something like that again.

Cirte: When did the last war end?
Sam Cadena: About six years ago if my memory serves me.

After almost a decade of pointless atrocities, they smilingly shook hands and signed the Tir Accord.

Cirte: Thanks. Goodbye

--Cirte 16:32, 3. Aug 2005 (CEST)