Anarchy Online

Allgemeine Informationen[]

Simon Stark


  • Simon Stark


  • Neutral
  • Lvl. 180


Simon Stark ist einer der Verdächtigen für die Investigator Marciello-Quest und hat selber auch eine Quest auf Lager.

Unterhaltung mit Simon Stark[]

Simon Stark: Good'ay!
Player: Hi, you are Simon Stark, I presume?
Simon Stark: Of course! You've heard about me great achievements then, huh? I must say I'm really proud of myself! You know, I'm the best of the best! On a good day I'm even better! Yes!
Player: Yes, you're really something aren't you!
Simon Stark: Yes! I'm the top of the food chain! So, you come to see me work out?
Player: Not really, I'm actually here to ask you about an antiseptic protector.
Simon Stark: Oh, that? Whaddya wanna know?
Player: I would like to know where to get one!
Simon Stark: Well, I'd give you one of mine... practically unused and all, but then again, why would I just give out things without getting something back. And there is in fact something I would like to have back.
Player: Ok, what do you want for the antiseptic protector then?
Simon Stark: I want you to hunt down Ethel Anthony for me and get my Myofortis capsules back! She knows I want them badly, which is probably why she left with them after our argument this morning. But I'm not gonna run after her! I'm not a henpecked moron! No, I'm smarter than that, I send you!
Player: Ok, I guess I can do that!
Simon Stark: She has probably gone hiding somewhere. Find her and bring me my pills!
Player: Goodbye

-- Wiseguy 18. Juli 2024