Anarchy Online

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Allgemeine Informationen[]

Inf npc stephen richards
Inf map invited last point
  • Start NPC:
  Stephen Richards
  • Koordinaten:


Inferno - 2484 x 1189 // Yutto Marshes
  • Für Level:
  • Dauer:
  ~20 Minuten
  • Questart:
  Kill Quest
  • Reward:
  Geld und XP

Stephen Richards bietet eine Führung durch das wunderschöne Inferno an, um euch das Beste zu zeigen.
Ihr könnt ihn in dem Yutto Camp in Yutto Marshes finden.

Das Gespräch:
Stephen Richards: So, how can I help you?
Cirte: I got hold of the Song of Sorrow!
Stephen Richards: That's good news! I hope you enjoyed the experience... As much as one can enjoy something that sad.. Still, the song - so beautiful. There is nothing like it in the whole world!

Now - if you'll give me the song, I'll set you up for your next adventure! You'll face Smoldering Shadows this time, and I have something for you that might come in handy!
Stephen Richards: Thank you! Here's the Amplification Unit, installing it will increase your ability to project force onto others - or so it says on the box anyway. He he.
Now to your next adventure, which I like to call "Facing the Shadows":
At this point, the guide finds a small leaflet with a scary looking face on one side, and starts reading to you the text printed on the other side.
Dealing with ones fears and shadows is an essential part of becoming a whole person. Only through continuously facing and conquering our shadows can we put ourselves truly in charge of our lives! Being in touch with, and realistic about 'the dark night of the soul' is also a tool against the most dangerous, and common, sickness of the adventurers: megalomania and paranoia. So as I said - time to face your shadows!

Cirte: Sign me up!
Stephen Richards: Your task may sound simple enough - get a strand of hair from a Smoldering Shadow! However, the challenge in this is that the hair strand must not be broken, but come off whole with the hair-root and all.

You will have to face your shadows! By letting go of your fears, you will truly enjoy this thrilling hunt! I can promise you the Smoldering Shadows are not parting with their precious fur without a fight, but don't be afraid - and conquer the shadows! Once you have a perfect strand of hair - return to me!
And a little tip on the way - it is easier to get the complete strand from a dead Shadow of course, as they don't move around as much!

Cirte: Goodbye

Besorgt eine Strähne der glühenden Schatten[]
  • Description:
Facing the Shadows

The Guide told you to challenge your shadows by facing them.
Only through conquering your shadows can you put yourself truly in charge of your life.
The task given to you is to face the Smoldering Shadows and get hold of a whole strand of smoldering hair.

Get hold of a Smoldering Hair Strand and bring it to Stephen Richards.
PS: Remember to let go of your fear!

Inf map shadow

In dieser Tour sollt ihr eine <aoicon>262427::35px</aoicon> Smoldering Hair Strand von den Smoldering Shadows besorgen.
Dies sind kleine orangerote, scheue und seltene Monster.

Zu finden sind diese im gesamten westlichen Bereich von Sorrow, von den Steinhecklern, bis zu den Spirithuntern.
Leider spawnen diese nicht allzu häufig, weshalb dieser Quest nicht das reinste Vergnügen ist.

Anschließend geht es weiter mit der nächsten Tour:
Feral Vortexoids


Für eure Mühe erhaltet ihr:

  • Geld: 1.000.000 credits
  • XP: Angepasst an das Level eures Chars

--Cirte 16:27, 2. Sep 2006 (CEST)