Anarchy Online

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Allgemeine Informationen[]

Npc Stolt Jensenberg


  • Stolt Jensenberg
  • Atrox Trader


  • Neutral
  • Unbekannte Organisation


  • Neben dem Whompah in Newland Desert
  • Koordinaten: 2172 x 1544
  • Gebiet: Stolt's Trading Outpost

Was verkauft er ?

  • Bücher die einige Tradeskillvorgänge beschreiben und anderer Kleinkram.

Angebot von Stolt Jensenberg[] Book: On Item Creations A Guide to Creating Useful Medical Libraries Book: How To Create A Nano Crystal Armor Creation with Mass Relocating Robots Book: How To Make Jewellery The Art of Fletching MRR - Program List The Mid Book: Implant Creation Instruction Manual The May Fly Throwing Grenade - by Zixxax An Introduction to the Business of Making Stimulant Injectors The Multiple Uses of a Mass Relocating Robot Making Emergency Treatment Labs - A Quick Guide for Doctors Engineering News: The Improved Solar-Powered Pistol Engineering News: How do I make my robot taunt?

Sowie andere Kleinigkeiten.

Gespräch mit Stolt Jensenberg[]

Cirte: Hi.
Stolt Jensenberg: Yeah, yeah! Are you here to trade or talk?
Cirte: Who are you?
Stolt Jensenberg: My name is Stolt Jensenberg, and I'm a great trader!
Cirte: What do you do?
Stolt Jensenberg: What a silly question. I sell stuff, and I buy stuff!
Cirte: Tell me about Rhinoman Valley.
Stolt Jensenberg: Rhinoman Valley is northeast of here. Well... a bit more east than north, really.

Anyway... It's a great place to hunt.

Cirte: Do you have a mission for me?
Stolt Jensenberg: Yeah! I have a mission for you! Find a way for me to get a wiener, so I can get Heidi Grump back!
Cirte: But don't you already have... I mean...
Stolt Jensenberg: Yeah, yeah! I know that I have a very large lump between my legs!

And I know what it looks like!
To tell you the truth, all Atroxes put cabbage and leaves in their pants, so it looks like they're well equipped!

Cirte: Can I ask you about something else.
Stolt Jensenberg: Sure. Fire away.
Cirte: Heidi Grump? Who's that?
Stolt Jensenberg: Heidi Grump used to be my girlfriend, but in the end she left me!

I'm sure it's because I don't have a wiener!

Cirte: Goodbye
Stolt Jensenberg: Bye.

Come back next time you feel like trading.

--Cirte 23:17, 3. Aug 2005 (CEST)