Anarchy Online

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Allgemeine Informationen[]

Ely npc the one loved by the sun
Ely map tinker tower
  • Start NPC:
  The One Loved By The Sun
  • Koordinaten:


Elysium - W - 269 x 1012 // Tinker Tower
  • Für Level:
  70 - 150
  • Dauer:
  ~10 Minuten
  • Questart:
  Kill Quest
  • Reward:
  Geld und XP

The One Loved By The Sun ist einer der vielen Yuttos, die überall ihren Geschäften nachgehen.

Das Gespräch:
The One Loved By The Sun: You know some days, when I sit here enjoying the view, caressed by the gentle ocean breeze, I can almost forget about all that has happened.

It is as if the world once again is whole. I treasure those moments.
They help me continue facing the future. Not that I have much choice...
But then, as I sit there, dreaming of times gone and times to come, my thoughts are disturbed.
Disturbed by the sounds of eremite claws.
Click-click. Click-click they go. Driving me crazy they are!

Cirte: So, you want me to remove the eremites?
The One Loved By The Sun: Bingo! They come here ruining my beach, thinking it is their right to be here. No more so.

It is MY beach! I promise a reward you can't say no to!

Cirte: Sounds interesting! What do you want me to do?
The One Loved By The Sun: Well, I don't want the eremites on my beautiful beach! I want them gone! The beach is mine! Mine!

Yeah, so if you could just go down there and well, send a few to their eternal reward, that would be great!
There's all kinds of eremites down there, probably laying eggs or who knows what as we speak. Hm, they do lay eggs, don't they?
Anyway, kill 5 Shell Eremites for me, and I'll give you some cash, kill the Coiling, Bending and Swirling Eremites as well, and I'll even give you the Silver Spider Knuckleduster!
Will you help The One Loved By The Sun?

Cirte: Yes
The One Loved By The Sun: For the Shell Eremites, I'll give you 100 000 credits. For the others, I'll give you 250 000 credits and this fine Silver Spider Knuckleduster! Now, first you kill the Coiling Eremite, then the Bending Eremite, and in the end, finish off the Swirling Eremite. That should make the remaining ones shut up!

As proof of your deeds, bring me a Pearl of the Endless Sea. The Swirling Eremite is said to be fond of the type of oysters that produce them, so the chances are great you'll find one somewhere in his intestines.

Säubere den Strand[]
  • Description:
Drive away the Shell Eremites.

The One Loved By The Sun has asked for your help to get rid of the Shell Eremites down at the beach, as he finds the sound they make rather annoying.
He believes that by killing a few of them, the rest might take a hint and move to another beach far away from him.

Kill 5 Shell Eremites

Neben dieser Mission bekommt ihr automatisch noch die Mission Diving for Pearls. Aber am besten fangt ihr mit dieser hier an, das geht schnell.

Macht euch nun auf und findet fünf Shell Eremites.
Diese könnt ihr zu hauf in der Umgebung des Tinker Towers finden, wenn ihr etwas kleiner seid (Eremiten sind etwa 70), solltet ihr aufpassen, denn die Eremiten warten unter dem Sand auf euch und schnellen hervor sobald ihr euch nähert.

Eure Belohnung bekommt ihr sofort nachdem ihr den letzten Eremiten erledigt habt.


Für eure Mühe erhaltet ihr:

  • Geld: 100.000 credits
  • XP: 30.000

--Cirte 20:30, 2. Mär 2006 (CET)