Anarchy Online

The Pest - PH ist Rot Plague. The Pest spawnt mehrere Level 185 Adds (Pest Pus).

Koordinaten: 1360x2300 // DAV (Deep Artery Valley)

Loot entweder Corruption oder Lick plus ein Armorteil.


  • <aoicon>165290</aoicon> Left Sleeves of the Pest
  • <aoicon>165287</aoicon> Right Sleeves of the Pest
  • <aoicon>165291</aoicon> Petticoat of Pest
  • <aoicon>165292</aoicon> Patch of Pest
  • <aoicon>201934</aoicon> NanoCrystal (Corruption of The Pest) - 50% Drop rate.
  • <aoicon>201938</aoicon> NanoCrystal (Lick of the Pest) - 50% Drop rate.