Anarchy Online

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Allgemeine Informationen[]

Npc rk william robert Name:
  • William Robert aka Billy Bob
  • Atrox


  • Neutral
  • Organisation Unbekannt


  • Neben dem oberen Eingang zum Reet Retreat in Last Ditch
(Wer einen der Städteteleporter zum Reet benutzt materialisiert unmittelbar neben ihm)
  • Koordinaten: 1195 x 2811
  • Gebiet: Last Ditch - Street West Bank

Billy möchte von euch einen

  • <aoicon>165274::24px</aoicon> Undamaged Roller-Rat tail und eine
  • <aoicon>130607::24px</aoicon> XXX-Plumbo Beer Can (gibts bei jedem Bartender, auch direkt im Reet)

als Gegenleistung erhaltet ihr ein

  • <aoicon>264079::24px</aoicon> GSP T-shirt

Gespräch mit William Robert[]

William Robert: Heeeeeey theeerre! I'm Billy Bob and you must be my new Supplier?
Nasur: Umm.....what?
William Robert: You do know how to 'acquire' things don't ya?
Nasur: Well...ya...
William Robert: YEEEHAAAW! I've been drinking this here water called XXX-Plumbo Beer. I don't see how y'all can call this the strongest beer ever created. My Grandpappy made more potent beer made out of Dandelions! Now if you bring me a Roller Rat Tail along with a can of XXX-Plumbo Beer, I think I can spice it up a bit for myself. You do that and I'll give ya a copy of this here brand new T-Shirt I got from my buds at GridStream Productions.

Nachdem ihr die beiden Sachen besorgt habt, gehts weiter:

William Robert: Welcome back friend. You got somethn' for ol' Billy Bob?
Nasur: I sure do!
William Robert: Hand it over, I can hardly wait to tickle my tongue with this crazy concoction!
He opens up the XXX-Plumbo can and swirls around the beer with the Roller Rat Tail then quickly takes a drink.
William Robert: Oh Wow! That'll put hair on yer chest. Just what I needed to cure my hankern' for that good ol' punch-in-the-face kinda beer. Here, take this brand spankn' new GridStream Productions T-Shirt and wear it with pride. Let'm know that Billy Bob says Hi!