Anarchy Online

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Dr. Curry ist sehr einfach zu finden: Claner gehen Halls of Scheol aus dem Garten und sind nach ein paar Schritten Richtung Osten schon da. Kaum zu verfehlen.

  • Start NPC:
  Dr. Curry
  • Koordinaten:


Scheol - N - 1087 x 1139 // Halls of Scheol
  • Für Level:
  50 - 200
  • Dauer:
  ~20 Min.
  • Questart:
  Finde und Redequest
  • Reward:
  Geld und XP
Das Gespräch:
Dr.Curry - Linguistic Anthropologist: Dr.Curry - Linguistic Anthropologist: Greetings traveler! As you might well know, the journey of a thousand miles must always begin with a single step, but have you noticed how the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes? We must never be afraid to go too far, for success lies just beyond! It is with such knowledge I seek my paths and venture into these strange lands, far from home as if lost in time and place. What is your purpose here, traveler?
Talaiah: I'm here to learn more about the Xan!
Dr.Curry - Linguistic Anthropologist: Yes. Time, which changes people, does not alter the image we have retained of them. There is much to learn from the Xan. Both to try and do as they did, but maybe just as much to stay away from the path they walked. When trying to understand the Xan, it is important that you understand that we do not know their language. What we hear is their adaptation to our language, simply to keep their secrets hidden. It has proven to be very hard to study a group that does not allow us to learn their language.
Talaiah: What have you learned?
Dr.Curry - Linguistic Anthropologist: We have found some old texts, mostly religious material, and we do sometimes manage to listen in on their conversations when they do not know that we are listening. We have found what seems to be their alphabet, and we are able to read some of the texts, but we are still far from knowing the language, and we can only hope that they will eventually teach us what they know, before it is too late and there is no one left to help us.

If you wish to learn some of it, you should go and look for your own copy of one of their books.

Talaiah: What should I look for?
Dr.Curry - Linguistic Anthropologist: You should find one of the temple guardians; they usually keep a copy of their holy book called "The Word of Roch" or "The Word of Ocra" on them, depending on which of them they follow of course.

Please bear in mind that this book means a lot to the guardians, and they try to keep them hidden from us, so you might have to beat around the bush.

Talaiah: Goodbye.
  • Description:
Word Search

The Linguistic Anthropologist asked you to go look for a book to get an idea of how the ancient written language of the Xan looks.

Some of the temple guardians keep a copy of their holy book on them at all times, and could be a possible way to get hold of a book for Dr. Curry.

Nun also ab zum Temple Bog und ein paar Sidemobs erlegen. Früher oder später lässt einer ein "Word of Roch" fallen, mit dem ihr dann zu Dr. Curry zurückkehrt. (Für Omnis wird es wohl der Redeemed-Temple sein und dann ein "Word of Ocra".)

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