Anarchy Online Knowledge Base

With Alien Invasion, players got the possibility to have their own personal shops, where they can put their own stuff with user defined prices. These items are searchable through Global Market Search terminals, which can be found in major cities of Rubi-Ka. Shop contents are remaining there after players logs off, credits for the transactions are kept in the terminal - so this is a good way to sell your items while you aren't actually playing.

However certain limitations are applied for these "Shop Terminals":

  • One shop per character
  • 21 items per shop
  • Unique, NoDrop items cannot be sold

Org leaders can set a Commission Rate at the City Controller, which means, this percent will be deducted from the seller after each transaction - and this money goes to the Org Bank. Org leaders have the ability to rename, abandon other member's terminals - and they have the possibility to check how much credit the owner of a terminal has.

  • NOTE: terminals can be safely "abandoned", the contents are not lost, but stored "invisibly". Next time the owner of the abandoned terminal opens a shop (in the same or in another Org's Market), the items are put back with same prices.