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AO-Skintool's purpose is to replace the current/old scripts and myriad of tools that exist to extract and compile the ingame skin file, and the planetmap. It is able to extract just about all skins and planetmap images be it old gui/new. RK and SL.

The purpose of this tool is not to be the best or THE only skintool, the purpose is to help set standards to avoid issues in the future! It even has a feature that let you make skinpack installers for the game skin file. (gui files/launcher skin/and planet maps are optional), and does this in a standard and very user-friendly way, even when it comes to un-installation should your user choose this.

Features: Skin file extraction/compiling, planetmap extraction/compiling, skinpack creator. Small, fast, simple, easy. It does what it does and do it well! Uses OptiPNG to optimize the size of PNG files to a minimum filesize. (optional choice during compiling of skin/maps) Uses the NSIS 2 installer system from Nullsoft, this means tiny, good, fast, easy installers, and lzma data compression.

Get it from the Tech support section at the GridStream forums.

Alternative location for download

Read the skinning thread on the AO forum for more info on skinning if you can't find your answers here on AOWiki!