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Adonis overview In its golden days, Adonis was an archipelago paradise that divided a great continent in two. Tall and steep mountains crowned islands blessed with great forests and fertile lowlands. Several enormous notum energy veins opened to the surface in Adonis and fed the world with an abundance of the force of life. But as the immortals became blind with power, they built a massive, ultra-technological city in the middle of Adonis to be able to harvest the energy more efficiently. The city was magnificent indeed, and full of splendour. It stretched between the main veins and the land is still streaked with its trapeze-shaped energy channels. They contained and transferred notum energy in magnetic force fields whose glow illuminated the wondrous city. Now it all lies in ruins.

On judgment day, when the Shadowlands were torn out of the world, it was as if its creator decided to judge Adonis with extreme prejudice, to underline he bore a special grudge against its inhabitants. The main notum energy veins that fed the city are still visible and partially active, but the largest one in the city centre has collapsed completely. It is as if a black hole ripped through the planet at an incomprehensible speed, vaporising all in its wake. And the city was not only torn apart, but the ground itself was skewed up and down, and the ocean drowned the entire city – cleansing it of the desecration.

The collapse saw the water transform into a liquid/gas hybrid - a metaphysical matter of normal ocean water polluted with meta-water (the starry substance which envelopes parts of Shadowlands). This ocean/meta-water mix is very dangerous to travel through, and swimming through it normally will not get you far. But there is a way!

When the tremors from the cataclysm ceased, big parts of the city remained underwater, and now, bits and pieces of broken technology litter the city and the ocean floor. Luckily an ancient underwater communication system is still intact and partially active, and players should be able to figure out a relatively safe way to use them to get through.

The Unredeemed and Redeemed minions in Adonis have settled in the ancient ruins and cluster around the main notum energy veins. The Unredeemed minions have built their village around the main vein in the old city centre, while the Redeemed minions inhabit a village in the east, near the second main vein. Small side-veins, suitable for land control, have sprung from the main ones and reach the surface.

Untold dangers and surprises await travellers who manage to cross the sunken city, and in the far end Adonis rises to great heights. It gets cold and barren as the next playfield approaches - Penumbra.

Adonis overview2

Runar Thor Thorarinsson
Story & Game Designer