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  • Description:
This ancient tradeskill is used to make a special AC enhancing version of the normal deflection shields. Somewhat curiously named, deflection shields lock your Parry skill when used and provide an AC boost for a short period of time. Adventure Shields are the Adventure only version of the Deflection Shield and lock the parry skill for a much shorter period of time.
  • Attributes at QL 200:
Adds 5000 to Projectile and Melee AC's
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Required skills[]

  • Quantum Field Theory (QFT)

Required Items and Tools[]

Component * Found at Min. QL
Deflection Shield C Shop
Mission Drop
Determines Ql
Neutron Displacer C Shop, in Mechanical and Electrical booth or Tools and Bases booth Min. 50% of Shield
* R = reuseable, C = consumed

Tradeskill Process[]

Items are combined as follows:

Open the tradeskill window (Ctrl-t). Here you can place the two items you want to combine in the left and middle part. The resulting Item will be shown in the right area. Missing skills, or non possible combinations will be shown below. A detailed look on the resulting item is possible with a simple shift-left-click on it. It is recommended to have free inventory space before combining items, or else the item will end in the overflow window.

144786 + 70252 = 70252 Skills Required:
Neutron Displacer Deflection Shield Adventure Shield 3.5x QL

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