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Long known as Albtraum by the Yuttos, this previously hidden corner of Inferno has recently been revealed to JOBE scientists. The Yuttos have opened mystical portals in one of their camps that allow explorers to explore this new area, providing you are willing to help them with some tasks.

Gameplay Features[]

High level players can now access a special new playfield in Inferno.

Playfield is instanced to your specific team.

You must be in a team to enter the playfield.

If a player leaves the team they will teleported out to the entrance in Inferno (This includes link death). Rejoining the team will allow the player to re-enter.

If all players in the team leave the playfield it will reset after a few minutes.

A Quest series will give players a series of repeatable goals inside the playfield.

These quests can be obtained from the Yuttos in the tent near the portal to Albtraum.

Completing the entire quest line may involve several trips through Albtraum

Three separate types of bosses, mini-bosses during the quest chain, a final boss encounter as well as a series of spawnable pocket bosses

The mini-bosses that can be triggered through the quest allow for the collection of items that can make the final boss fight easier.

It is possible to trigger the final boss without always killing the mini-bosses once you have done the quests once, but remember he might not be so easy! (Don't say we didn't warn you!)

The spawnable boss crystals drop primarily from the quest boss, but the normal mobs in the zone also have a rare chance of dropping the crystals.

The final boss and the crystal spawned bosses employ some new tricks and tactics. The new encounters also for the first time allow us to balance boss encounters for a set number of players. We hope that this will allow us to provide a series of boss encounters that will provide a real challenge for a range of players. Some of the encounters will be easier then others, but hopefully some will provide a good challenge for even the most experienced of players.

The majority of the loot items from Albtraum are used in new tradeskill processes that players can perform to craft a range of new items.


The creatures found in Albtraum will drop a number of component parts that can be combined through a variety of tradeskill processes to create a series of new and upgradeable items.

The component parts are able to be traded between players so that you can collect and exchange the parts required for the upgrades you wish to complete. The parts needed to upgrade your items can then freely be produced by those who have the necessary skills. This should allow for a new set of tradeskill processes where people can provide a useful service to their fellow players, and also where people can upgrade items without having to invest in the tradeskills themselves.

the parts where the final reward is NoDrop are designed so that anyone who could have attained the NoDrop part of the process should easily be able to apply the upgrades required.

Each component part will have a variety of uses and options that will allow players to investigate and complete a series of increasing complex tradeskill processes.

Items will include new utility items, bracers, new stims and also special items that can upgrade existing items like NCU chips.