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<html><style type="text/css"></style></html> Alien Armor (aka Combined Armor) is arguably the best armor in the game right now, even with the inclusion of the OFAB set. Alien armor has buffs and armor class values that surpass all other armors in terms of the sheer weight of bonuses. Given this, Alien Armor also has a very complex tradeskill process needed to construct it that is slightly dis-similar to other armors.

required skills[]

  • Nano Programming (NP)
  • Computer Literacy (CL)
  • Field Quantum Physics (FQP)
  • Chemistry (CH)
  • Pharma-Tech (PT)
  • Psychology (Psy)

required items and tools[]

Item / Tool *1 origin min. QL
Nano Programming Interface R Shop -
Kyr'Ozch Atomic Re-Structulazing Tool R Alienloot -
Kyr'Ozch Structual Analyzer R Tradeskill
Kyr'Ozch Viralbots C Alien-General-Loot min. 80%
Uncle Bazzit's Generic Nano Solvent C Uncle Bazzit Shop QL 100
Essentinal Human DNA C Uncle Bazzit Shop QL 100
Named Viralbot *2 C Alien-General-Loot min. 80%
Basic Armor Piece C Quest -
Mutated Kyr'Ozch Bio-Material C Alienloot End-QL
Pristine Kyr'Ozch Bio-Material C Alienloot End-QL
*1 R = reusable, C = consumed;
*2 = Arithmetic-, Supple-, Enduring-, Observant-, Strong- or Spiritual Viralbot

Alien Armor QL Calculator[]

<html><script language=JavaScript></script>

<form name=armorcalc><input type="hidden" name="phpMyAdmin" value="h9aE0VYMY8Cj01NvMhE4mZb%2COmc" /> Desired QL:<input size=3 name=ql onKeyup=calc()><input onclick=calc() type="button" value="Calculate"><input type="reset" value="Reset">
Alien ArmorCombined Alien Armor
Bio-Material <input size=3 name=bio1> 2. Bio-Material <input size=3 name=bio2>
Kyr'Ozch Viralbots <input size=3 name=viral1> 2. Kyr'Ozch Viralbots <input size=3 name=viral2>
Lead Viralbots <input size=3 name=lead1> 2. Lead Viralbots <input size=3 name=lead2>


Tradeskill Process[]

Example shows Arithmetic Sleeve:

File:247099.png + File:247114.png = File:247119.png Skills: CL/NP
Kyr'Ozch Atomic Re-Structulazing Tool Kyr'Ozch Viralbots Memory-Wiped Kyr'Ozch Viralbots QL x 4,5
161699 + File:247119.png = File:247121.png Skills: NP
Nano Programming Interface Memory-Wiped Kyr'Ozch Viralbots Formatted Kyr'Ozch Viralbots QL x 6
File:247109.png + File:247110.png = File:247112.png Skills: CH
Mutated Kyr'Ozch Biomaterial Uncle Bazzit's Generic Nano Solvent Generic Kyr'Ozch DNA Soup QL x 7
File:247107.png + File:247110.png = File:247112.png Skills: CH
Pristine Kyr'Ozch Biomaterial Uncle Bazzit's Generic Nano Solvent Generic Kyr'Ozch DNA Soup QL x 4,5
File:247112.png + File:247123.png = File:247125.png Skills: PT
Generic Kyr'Ozch DNA Soup Essentinal Human DNA DNA Cocktail QL x 6
File:247121.png + File:247125.png = File:247127.png Skills: PT
Formatted Kyr'Ozch Viralbots DNA Cocktail Kyr'Ozch Formatted Viralbot Solution QL x 6
File:247164.png + File:247127.png = File:247175.png Skills: CH
Basic Sleeve Kyr'Ozch Formatted Viralbot Solution Formatted Viralbot Sleeve 4,5
File:247145.png + File:247175.png = File:246564.png Skills: Psy
Arithmetic Lead Viralbots Formatted Viralbot Sleeve Arithmetic Armor Sleeves QL x 6

Combined Alien Armor tradeskill[]

Combined alien armor consists of two diferent alien armor parts which need to be combined.
You need 6x the QL of Supple/Enduring/Arithmetic armor in psychology for this process.
Below you can see a list of all different possibilities.

The Strong/Spiritual/Observant Armor QL need to be 80% of Supple/Enduring/Arithmetic Armor QL!

Strong Body Armor
+ File:246622.png
Supple Body Armor
= File:246660.png
Combined Commando's Jacket
Strong Body Armor
+ File:246580.png
Enduring Body Armor
= File:246638.png
Combined Mercenary's Jacket
Spiritual Body Armor
+ File:246560.png
Arithmetic Body
= File:246672.png
Combined Officer's Jacket
Spiritual Body Armor
+ File:246580.png
Enduring Body Armor
= File:246648.png
Combined Paramedic's Jacket
Observant Body Armor   
+ File:246560.png
Arithmetic Body Armor   
= File:246684.png
Combined Scout's Jacket
Observant Body Armor
+ File:246622.png
Supple Body Armor
= File:246696.png
Combined Sharpshooter's Jacket

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