Anarchy Online Knowledge Base

Org City Raids are well... Alien Invasions of your org's city. But how do you participate in a raid? Easy, just get these things:

1.) Alien Invasion Expansion

2.) Org City

3.) C.R.U. (ACRU from mission too)

4.) A few org members (or non-org team members)

Now you are ready for a raid. A general rule of thumb is, the person who puts the C.R.U. in the CC (city control tower) gets the loot from the General (land raid boss). This is generally only true if you are the only person in your org city doing the raid with non-org member team members. If its entirely your org, usually it goes in rank, or an order that was predetermined and agreed with throughout the team.

I mentioned "Land Raid". There are sorta 2 raids. One where there are waves of mobs that spawn on the ground, and after the ground raid then you can board the ship and continue your raid.

1.First, and foremost, find out if the city is available for raiding. A simple !city command will give you this answer. If the cloak needs to be enabled, the city is not available, and you must wait for the cloak to be re-enabled (raised) plus 1 hour before you will be able to raid. As a courtesy, notify the org of your plans to raid. This will give all members time to take care of any business they may have in the city. This is especially important if you are planning to conduct multiple raids. It is important not to monopolize the city if others are wanting to raid as well.

2.Form your team. A good guideline here would be to get everyone as near the same level in order to get aliens that are your level or slightly higher. A mixture of levels is not recommended for this reason. Also, if someone is too high, the low person that does not fit the team will not receive xp or axp, as normal level rules apply to aliens as well. If you have open spots on your team, and desire additional firepower, ask in org chat for personnel to round out your team. If everyone is busy, you can seek help from lft, unless you feel that you can handle the raid with the personnel that you have. A doctor is highly recommended for a successful raid, but not always necessary.

3.Announce in org chat - "Raid is imminent" before charging city controller and/or dropping cloak. Give our org personnel that may be in the city time to vacate before your raid commences.

4.Fully charge the city controller. This will ensure the 8 waves of aliens, including hackers, plus the general will have something to chew on. This will also facilitate keeping city benefits active throughout your raid and beyond. Doctors in Penumbra and Inferno missions will love you for doing this, as well as the people that they are healing. Once the city controller is fully charged, announce that your raid is about to start, and for all personnel to refrain from entering the city.

5.Drop, or have the cloak dropped (disabled) if you do not have squad commander or above rank. Make sure that someone of rank will be online at the conclusion of your raid for cloak raising (re-enabling).

6.Commence your raid.

7.Once your raid is over, check the city controller to make sure that the charge is sufficient to maintain city benefits, typically between 15 and 40% charge. Do not overcharge the controller (above 50%) after the raid, as this could bring about random alien visitation.

8.If loot is not completely claimed from the general, especially the no-drops, announce in org chat that general loot is free for taking in the city. Also, announce the all clear so org personnel can enter the city.

9.Make sure that the cloak is raised (enabled) as soon as possible. Another !city command at the raid's conclusion will tell you how much time is left until the cloak can be raised (enabled).

Congratulations on your successful city ground raid. You may now take part in the ship portion of the raid if you have received an invite. Any loot found there should be distributed amongst the team members doing the ship raid. No org personnel will be allowed access to the ship during this portion of the raid, unless they were part of the ground raid and received an invite. No announcement to org chat as to what is found is necessary, unless you are overcome with joy and wish to share your new found treasure with all org personnel.